Beyond New York Toy Fair coverage…

Whew, okay, I know I’ve posted a TON in the past few days and almost all of that has been on Halo toys, specifically Mega Bloks. Heh, no, I wasn’t trying to be a “commercial” for them. I just happen to love building those toys.

In any event, HaloFanForLife is about EVERYTHING Halo, not just toys. So with New York Toy Fair winding down, I’d like to invite all of you who have only recently found HFFL to keep coming back. I still have several toy reviews of sets that I’ve built. As always they will feature pics and my review of them, touching on the building process, the mini figs included, the final result, etc.

Here are the reviews coming today and the next few days:
Mega Bloks Micro Fleet Mantis (Gifted to me)
Mega Bloks Hornet Vs Vampire (A special review dedicated to one heck of a HFFL friend)
Mega Bloks Rapid Attack Ghost (Wife bought for me)
Mega Bloks Quad Walker (Gifted to me)

So while NYTF is essentially over for Halo toy news, HFFL will still be bringing you more.

And yes, I’ll also be posting more about Halo 4, news of the upcoming Halo game for XBOX One and the Halo TV…and so much more.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the blog, please do. It’s free. Just send me your desired screen name (preferably your gamer tag as I’ll need to verify who you are somehow-I want to avoid spambots). As well, in that same e-mail let me know what password you’d like to use.


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