Cheer on team “NRG” in the Ricochet Hub tournament!

PensHalo, a friend of mine and one of the longer term readers here has enrolled a team for the Ricochet Hub tournament starting this week. He asked fellow HFFL forum users if they wanted to participate and several of us jump in on it.

Besides Pens, I’m one of the other team members, along with HFFL Big Cheese, TheHal0Array, and Dijabouti. The fact that all five of us are also in the HFFL gaming group is pretty cool, but not so necessarily coincidental.

I came up with the name of NRG. It stands for National Ricochet Gamers. However, if you say the letters “N’ “R” “G” together quickly, it sounds like Energy. That’s what I was going for.

I’ll keep you all posted on our standings in the tournament. Our first game is on Saturday night. In this league you play a best of three each tournament night you game. We’ll earn one point for a win, none for a loss.

Ricochet is a 4v4 game type, so one of us will be an alternate. This will shift to each of us so everyone has a chance to play in the tournament.

Cheer us on folks!


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