First ever Halo 4 exhibition match between 343/Community Pros RESULTS!

livestream_exhibition_3-19_700-v2-693bc1c483e348dbb2e5ab8ada7edecfAs I write this the stream is still going one with Rukari hosting BS Angel and Bravo. However, the exhibition match portion of the stream is over and HFFL brings you those results!

Game 1 343 resultThe first game went to the 343 pro team which showed some great team work. They held a big lead for much of the game with the Community Pro team started mounting a comeback. Ultimately though, 343 won with a final score in a match that ended close.
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 290

Game 2 Comm result
The Community pro team came together in this match and dominated the 343 pro team. Having much of the map control during the game and scoring tons of throw in goals, some coming from open ramp through the slot The 343 team never came close in this match.
Community Pros 310 – 343 Pros 100

Game 3 343 result
This game saw some good run-in goals by the 343 team. Some clutch moves as well. Neighbor for whom we were watching the stream through had an awesome triple kill. He was also a nuisance during much of the match for the Community pro team. The community pros couldn’t overcome the mounting lead by 343, which the 343ers won handedly!
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 150   Advantage 343 2 games to 1.

At the end of this match we watched as Neighbor talked some smack to Ace. Ace had went +11 in the match only to see his team lose. See folks, in objective games it’s NOT about who has the best K/D…

Game 4 343 result
The 343 pro team completely dominated the Community pro team in what would turn out to be a blowout for the final game of the exhibition match.
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 150   343 wins the first ever Exhibition match 3 games to 1 not even needing to play the 5 game.

A great victory for the 343 pro team and a bit humbling for the Community pro team.

Bravo promises to bring more of these exhibition matches and streams in the future. One can hope that won’t be too long in coming. It’s always great to see/hear from the official folks!




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