Halo 4 DLC free (without achievements)?

So I was perusing Halo Waypoint’s forum and came upon a thread asking for the DLC in Halo 4 to be free. If you all didn’t know, Microsoft has a policy against giving DLC away free that is attached to achievements. However, the forum poster below came up with a pretty nifty idea. My thoughts after his response.
MZealous;2899401 wrote:

At this point I couldn’t care less about the fact I payed money and others didn’t. Just remove the ability to gain achievements through the DLC (until purchased) and release the DLC to all making it a requirement for necessary playlists. I’m even starting to dislike Haven now I’ve played it so much. I’ve probably played more games on Haven than I have played game in total on Reach…We may even see a population spike.
Now THAT’s a novel idea. It might actually work. Essentially, everyone can play. For those that really want to go for the achievements, they pay a modest “fee” to unlock the opportunity to get them. As for what that fee is, since the DLC has been out over a year now, make it $1-2. Then make all the DLC mandatory (free), with achievements accessible for that fee.
I’ve paid for all of them. I really wouldn’t mind if they were made free. At this point, it can’t hurt anything and as said, might actually give a bump up in population.
What do you folks think? Want to see free DLC, if the achievements weren’t attached? Would you then pay that modest fee to unlock the ability to get them?
Hit that reply button and let me hear from you!
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2 thoughts on “Halo 4 DLC free (without achievements)?

  1. Give that man a cookie! Heck, he can have my cookie too! That is a great idea. If all DLC could be like this, that would be even better. As an achievement-freak, I would still buy the dlc but if it’s free for everyone, that’s more people to actually play the dlc with. Great idea. I want my cookie back now.

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