A closer look at the box art of Halo 5 Guardians.

Armor comparisonOkay, so a quick photoshop to invert the bottom half…

We see the major difference in armor. If the one in the center is the new Master Chief armor, well…WHOAH. VERY different. Also, note that “callout” I made at left. It’s the ONI symbol.

Here’s a thought…what if this IS NOT Master Chief, but another Spartan? Possibly Thorne or Palmer? I know one thing, that armor “feels” like Forerunner enhanced armor. The bright blue glow coming from the visor… That seems pretty tell-tale.

Zoomed Halo 5 helmet

Zooming in on the helmet I see some sort of emblem. It could be ONI. But it looks different. The way the “jaw” of the helmet is designed and for that matter the rest of the helmet, it looks like it can transform, much in the way the Didact’s helmet did. What I mean is that it looks capable of being stowed and then when needed it wraps around the users head.

This is all VERY exciting!




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4 thoughts on “A closer look at the box art of Halo 5 Guardians.

  1. Boom, finally something to get excited about, nice work sal. Could the other spartan be Kelly? I have no idea but I’m glad some more info finally came out!!!!!!!

    • Who knows man. It’s fun to speculate, that’s for sure. I’m really hoping it’s Cortana. And here’s a twist. We do NOT find out the identity for sure, until she saves Chief!

  2. I think this new armor looks fantastic, Sal what do you think? Also take a closer look at the master chief, he does not have the cracked visor, could that mean something right now? it might be master chiefs new armor due to the fact that the chest piece looks very similar to master chiefs old armor

    • I’ve been speculating about this for the last hour and 42 minutes. Could be Palmer, Thorne, Chief, or even Cortana. Until we get official news, it’s going to continue to be fun to speculate on it.

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