Frank O’Conner confirms, new Spartan NOT a girl.

Frank posted minutes ago as of this writing that the spartan seen on top of the Halo 5 Guardians box art is NOT a girl.

Frankis says Spartan not a girl

Well, damn… There goes some of my hopeful theories. LOL. Still okay with this.

Thanks to HaloArchive for tweeting the link to this.


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1 thought on “Frank O’Conner confirms, new Spartan NOT a girl.

  1. Well that shoots my thoughts of Naomi down. Still, if Master Chief is still considered rouge, could this not be an ONI ‘hound’ trying to find MC? You could still play as both before the two meet. (The game then promptly ends like Halo 2 did and that sound you will hear are controllers being thrown through TV/monitors)

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