Halo 4 campaign screens and hijinks.

Last Friday, after the epic day of Halo 5 Guardians news, I sat down to play the whole Halo 4 campaign straight through with friends, MixMaker117, Dijabouti, and SESpider.

“Mix” recording it all using Elgato and took some screens from the vid. Here are some of those screens, followed by a short vid with some fails and hijinks. As always, click pics to make bigger. Enjoy!

H4 Cryptum hole
This is the space below the Didact’s Cryptum, when you first encounter him.

H4 Infinity Jungle
The lush jungles of Requiem. I really love the look and feel of this. I think 343 did an amazing job here.

H4 Stalactites
Then we have these stalactites. Great detail!

H4 Mantis v CoviesAboard the UNSC Infinity’s out deck, taking on the Covenant. I really enjoy this part of that mission. Blasting Covenant foot soldiers, Phantoms and Banshees out of the sky!

H4 On the EdgeI’m on the left here, with Dij next to me and Spider next to him. BTW, all screens were taken by Mix.

H4 Punching LaskyThat Lasky can sure take a punch!!

H4 About to get blown upIt’s about to get “blow’d up!” LOL

H4 4rnr liftHere is one of several Forerunner lifts. It’s beautiful in it’s lighting and detail. Another place were 343 really did a great job of design.

H4 Infinity edgeI showed the fellas this peak by which to see the UNSC Infinity better. So we stopped and took a picture before blowing up more stuff. I’m in the middle here.

H4 Johnson Easter EggDid you know Sgt. Johnson is in Halo 4? At the beginning of the mission “Shutdown” kill all of the UNSC personnel. At that point, Johnson will appear with Shotgun in hand, trying to blast you away. He’s quite good at it too! We lured him up the ramp to the awaiting Pelican. Then someone killed him… Alas, Johnson dies in just about every Halo game, LOL.

H4 Cortana ummmUm, Cortana, that’s not a normal field inspection.

H4 Halo RingEven though we do not get to visit a Halo ring, it’s still nice to see it form afar in the campaign.

H4 The ComposerFlying in with our Broadswords to take down the shields! I’m SO glad that space (flying) missions were included in Halo. Starting with the Sabre in Reach and now the Broadsword in Halo 4. I hope those continue in Halo 5 Guardians. (And from what I suspect, they will and even more so.)

H4 Didact bubbleThe evil Didact readying the Composer. Or is he waving “Hi” to us?

H4 Chief sucking his thumbWaaaa, I don’t wanna fight the Didact, says Chief while sucking his thumb! (Alternate LASO ending!! not

H4 Use the Force DidactUse the Force, Didact! Honestly, when the hell did the Didact get force powers? Likely he’s just manipulating the metal within Chief’s armor.

And now for the hijinks vid:

I’ll be making another Halo 3 campaign run soon with the fellows. Expect screens and vid then too.


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