Another Halo leak??? RUMOR!!!

We’re SO close to E3, why are the “insiders” leaking stuff now?

Well, since it’s leaked, I’ll repost it here for your consumption. As a HUGE caveat, again, this should be considered rumor until otherwise verified or proven wrong.

First, let me point out that I found out about this from a tweet by Halo 4 Fans, as you can see below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.41.08 PM

The link in the screen cap above takes you to Beyond Entertainment’s site HERE.

They in turn got the info from NeoGAF.

Here is the post of the leak on NeoGAF (click to make bigger, and or save as it’s a tall file). Followed by the link to NeoGAF.

NeoGAF full post

The original post is by shinobi602, who has been known to post leaks that have become true before. Additionally, some quoted posts within are by ntkrnl who has made leaks of their own.

So are these true or not? Again, it’s RUMOR until it’s verified or proven wrong. Hopefully we’ll find out come E3 next week!

One added thing, for those who hated on me for reblogging the previous leak, I’ll say this… The info is out there. As a Halo fan, I find it my duty to inform other Halo fans that a leak has been made and is RUMOR. As well, why is it okay for sites such as IGN, Gamespot and the like to post these and NOT me? If you (general you, not anyone in particular) are offended that I posted links to leaks, that is on you. I can’t force anyone to read my blog. Nor would I try to.

Also, for those from other Halo sites that denounce my integrity for reposting this info, why are coping to a holier-than-thou attitude on this? If your site doesn’t post leaks, that’s their decision. If you feel I lose integrity because I repost this info that is CLEARLY out there and being reposted by other Halo fans/sites, then again, that falls on you.

As I said, I feel it’s my duty as a Halo fan to inform my readers of such a thing and report is as a RUMOR. This way they are not led to believe it is fact.

For everyone else who likes that I repost the info on leaks, I thank you for your support.


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  1. Personnaly I hope that they do come out with a Halo 2 Anniversary. And as far as people being mad at you for posting stuff like this, it is your blog so you can post what ever you want. Besides it does have to do with Halo, and you always do emphasize that stuff like this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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