The Spirit of Fire podcast E3 2014 edition!

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We recorded this shortly after the reveal of the Master Chief collection. It would have been done LIVE, but I had some technical issues. Those being I had WAY too many windows open. 4 live streams, the blog, twitter, Waypoint and more….My computer just couldn’t handle all the Halo goodness. The program I use to record crashed, so we had to record after. Unfortunately that meant that Martin one of my co-hosts wouldn’t be on as it was already about 2am his time in Australia.

However, my co-host and long-time friend Zach was with me. We talk for about 45 minutes regarding the Master Chief Collection. Here is is about 5 hours after and I’ve got SO much more to talk about. But I’ve left that to blog articles, preceding this one and forthcoming.

In the meantime, listen here:

      SoF ep 11 E3-2014

Or download and listen later here:

SoF ep 11 E3-2014

And don’t forget you can always catch us through iTunes. Search the podcast section for Spirit of Fire.



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2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Fire podcast E3 2014 edition!

  1. Notes during the Podcast: (Started talking to myself while Listening so I decided to make a large post about it.)
    – I think they include the 50 Spartan Ops Missions as a part of the 100 Multiplayer Maps. Also, I’m curious if the Anniversary Map Pack for Reach will be included because it was built for Reach but shipped with CE: Anniversary.
    – I willing to wager some Pre-Order bonuses will be attached so when those are reviled, a Master Chief Themed Xbox One would be discussed then so I it is still a possibility. There is Gamescom in August.
    – Do we know that the Arbiter was the character giving the Voice Over? To me, the Narration came from the ONI Agent.
    – The D-Pad Abilities is interesting. Though, I would find it difficult to hold the Up D-Pad for Jet-Pack and still maneuver in the air as you couldn’t use one of the thumb sticks. If that is implemented into the D-Pad, those Abilities would need to be “one-press” activation like sprint.
    – I don’t think they will shut down the Halo 3/4 servers on Nov 11. I think there will be some overlap. Phase it out sort of deal. I think gamers are more inclined to more over when the population is down instead of being forced to when it suddenly stops. In addition, shutting down servers will free up server space for the XboxOne to host the MCC matches.
    – Speaking of Kinetic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to push some voice features in Halo 2 Anniversary. CE: Anniversary had very limited Kinetic voice features for like intel and weapons. I would think that since this is such a tentpole game to sell Xbox Ones that they would include incentives to sell kinetics as well but having some exclusive Kinetic-only content.
    – I would be down to do some Long Haul, Multiple-Campaign Runs with the HHFL Gaming Squad. 🙂 I foresee Hardcore gamers doing LASO Speed Runs. (We don’t have to though.)
    – Personally, I would prefer to have verity of new achievements. I don’t want to have a complete rehash of original achievements. The nostalgia is nice, but there needs to be new with the old. (And, by the way, I loved the Vidmaster Challenges. I did some of them twice too.)
    – Armor for you MP character is a good question. Would I have a different spartan armor depending on the multiplayer game I play, or is it all consolidated from all the games? Since it is the original games, I think we would have a personal Spartan Avatar from each game, which I personally prefer. Would Unlocking be the same? Mission/Achievement completions?
    – (MC Helmet) All that is a HDMI into the back of the Helmet connected to a screen that is mounted in front of your eyes. Feasible. Highly unlikely as a part of a Legendary Edition but it would be possible to create if you knew wiring and electronics.
    – “The Everything Unlocked” comment I think refers to just the Campaign Missions. The Skulls and Terminals for Halo 2 for instance won’t be unlocked otherwise it would defeat the purpose of those collectables. But Armor unlocks is a good question because of Halo 4 Armor that is attached to Commendations. Will Commendations be returning? What about previous Halo 2/3/4 Stats from Waypoint and Bungie? Will those transfer over to the New Stat pages on Halo Waypoint? Interesting Questions I think.
    – And thanks for the Shoutout!

    • Good reply.
      • Spartan Ops will be included. Over the 50 missions it had 15 specific maps. So count that towards to total.
      • I’m expecting some kind of pre-order bonus too. But I’m MUCH more interested to see if there will be a Halo XBOX One console.
      • It was indeed the Arbiter. One key piece of visualization is that you can see the Arbiter on the visor of Agent Locke (The new ONI Spartan). As well, the voice is unmistakeable as that of the Arbiter.
      • The D-pad theory would be a one touch to switch to that ability. But we’d still need to use the ability button (mine is left bumper for my control layout for instance) to activate it. So if you want to use Jet pack, you’d hit up on the D-pad, then the activation button. If you want to switch after that, click whatever direction on the D-pad for the ability you want to use and it’s ready once you activate it. The key thing is regardless of what ability you have, you would still have to wait for the recharge of the ability to use it, even when/if you switch it.
      • The closing of the Halo 3 servers is more likely. I doubt they’d close the Halo 4 ones so quick after launch. The reason to close the Halo 3 servers though it to get people to buy the XBOX One and the Master Chief Collection. Well, that’s my reasoning anyway.
      • Not even sure if there will be Kinect support for this title.
      • From the interview by IGN with Frank O’Conner and Dan Ayoub, it was eluded to that there would be an achievement for playing all four campaigns straight through.You bet I’m down for that!
      • As for achievements, I think there will be a mix of old and new. Some of the old achievements should stay in. For instance finishing the campaign on Legendary. That’s pretty standard now.
      • Armor IS specific to game, so yes you’ll have a different set of armor of each. Commendations will likely be made available for Halo 4 again for armor. Although the “everything unlocked” mention makes me wonder if Halo 4 on the ONE would have commendations or not. Personally I hope not as it’s already been a grind to get to 97% on Halo 4 for the 360. I don’t want to have to do that all over again on the ONE.
      • As for stats carrying over, I heavily suspect that they will NOT carry over. Essentially everyone will start fresh in the Master Chief collection. Honestly, I prefer that too. I was so ranked locked in Halo 3 it wasn’t funny. So I’d love to be able to rank up again with the added skill I’ve acquired over the years.
      • You’re quite welcome!

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