Volpin Props Needler Blueprint poster

Last September, Volpin Props made major Halo news by creating a full sized Needler. They’ve also release a poster for purchase.

I’m not sure when this went up for sale as it had a price of $15 and has now been reduced to $10. Here’s a smaller version of the print: 

Volpin Needler blueprint

I’ve also recolorized it to look more blue:

Volpin Needler blueprint true blue

And again to make it look more like a blueprint:

Volpin Needler blueprint true blueprint

Here is Volpin’s text blurb on the print: 

Product Description

I guess you’d call it a purple print? Illustrated from photos of my finished Needler replica, this is a bit less believable as an actual technical document but nonetheless looks cool! All of the vague information the UNSC knows about the Type 33 Guided Munitions Launcher is compiled here along with some of my own notations that were picked up during the project – like the fact that there’s not really anything actually holding the lower padded grip in place. Levitating assemblies are apparently commonplace enough in future alien wars that nobody seems to point it out, but that’s kind of weird in my book. Also in my mind the UNSC prints their tech spec documents on purple hexagon-tiled paper. I’m clearly not an engineer.

The poster measures 24″x 18″ and is printed in high quality offset printing on engineering bond.

If you want to buy a print, you can do so from Volpin Props to_group1]/0/”>here.


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