Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke wallpaper (and contest w/prize)

Okay, before anyone cries foul, this is MY take on Agent Locke, using armor from Halo 4.

LCDR Jameson Locke_sm

To download the FULL version, click HERE.

First person to CORRECTLY guess ALL the pieces of armor used in this shot (skinned type not needed) AND the specific location (Not just the map name) will win a prize.

Armor includes which helmet, shoulders (they are the same), torso, forearms, and legs.

Must reply to for valid entry.

[UPDATE] People have replied to this post. For your answer to be valid, you MUST e-mail me. Don’t forget the specific location on the map either.  I should have also included visor color. Since I didn’t you all will get a pass on that part.

One person here DID answer correctly on everything, but again, if I have not received their answer via my e-mail, it’s not valid.


AND WE HAVE A WINNER! HFFL blog subscriber and twitter follower, Oran Domingue is our winner. He was the first person to correctly identify each piece of armor AND the exact location of where the screenshot was taken. Here is his e-mail response for proof:
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 7.21.31. PM


If you need a better idea of the armor, check out the pic below:

Agent Lock Fullbody


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12 thoughts on “Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke wallpaper (and contest w/prize)

  1. Helmet: dead eye
    Shoulders: War master
    Torso: C.I.O
    Forearms: contoured
    legs: contoured

  2. Armor is as follows:

    I think the map is Complex, in the silo

  3. Deadeye Helmet, Cio Torso, War Master shoulders, Contoured wrists and Contoured Legs. YAY I WIN!

    • Except that you didn’t e-mail this to me and you forgot to put in the location the screenshot was taken.

  4. The map is The DLC Map Perdition. Also the visor colour is Recruit 🙂

  5. Helmet: Deadeye
    Shoulders: War Master
    Torso: CIO
    Forearms: Contoured
    Legs: Contoured
    Location: Daybreak-Blue Team base gravity lift

    • You were completely right, except that you didn’t e-mail this to me as the contest stated…

      • Whoops. My bad. Didn’t think that “reply to sal@halofanforlife” meant an email reply. Oh well. I wouldn’t have won anyways. The guy who won beat me by a couple hours. Maybe next time…

      • Still, I’m glad you got it right. Thanks for playing and you bet you’ll have more opportunities. And SOON.

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