Halo 2 Anniversary: Sanctuary Screenshots, comparison and discussion

Okay, now that some of the news has died down from earlier today’s Gamescom Halo announcements, let’s take a better look at the remastered Sanctuary. This of course coming with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Establishing-Sanctuary-Ancient-Secrets-jpgMan, just look at the majesty that is this map. I love the lighting, the landscape, fog, foliage. This is an excellent redesign!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Establishing-Sanctuary-Tomb-of-Heroes-jpgAnother wonderful shot showing us the vista of which Sanctuary lies in.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-First-Person-Sanctuary-Perch-jpgWould you just look at the shadows here. Look at the waterfall in the background!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-First-Person-Sanctuary-Realm-of-Kings-jpgYet another shot showing us the grand view. Note the callout above the radar in the HUD.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-First-Person-Sanctuary-Rubicon-jpgIt just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-First-Person-Sanctuary-Under-Fire-jpgThe textures are well done. So far, I’m not seeing any tiling going on.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-First-Person-Sanctuary-Vengeance-jpgThe erosion of the pieces looks great. And hey hey, look there, the player is using an SMG!

Next up are 6 concept pics.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-Cliff-jpg
Anyone else seeing what appears to be the Didact’s helmet on the right broken wall?Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-Fight-Pit-jpg
Concept? Hell, this is a piece of ART!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-Legends-jpg
Oh my….look at that water just flooding over the edge. Beautiful.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-New-Dawn-jpg
Water water everywhere!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-Ruins-jpg
Now there is something eerily mysterious and yet calming about the above piece. I can’t quite put my finger on it.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Multiplayer-Sanctuary-Concept-Waterfall-jpgSo was Sanctuary an old aqueduct? LOL. 

A comparison shot between the new and old Sanctuary.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Sanctuary-Ancient-Secrets-Comparison-jpg
If we only had this shot to go by, it’s PLENTY! This clearly illustrates how much work went into the remastered version of the map. Exquisite!

And finally screens of multiplayer action on the map.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Sanctuary-Assault-jpg
Beyond the map, look at the fact that the armor seems to be much more rich in color! I miss that. Halo 4’s armor was muted for most of the armor colors.Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Sanctuary-Combo-jpg
Fear the pink mist!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Sanctuary-Evening-the-Odds-jpg
Okay, some things to note in this screen. Armor looks great. Water looks fantastic. AND the blue spartan in the background is NOT bright! He looks as he should in shadow!Gamescom-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Sanctuary-Unfair-Advantage-jpgOkay, I have GOT to see some live gameplay on this map. I’m betting that the water will give away people’s positions. We’ll find out!


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