Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Fireteam Crimson

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Mega Bloks UNSC Fireteam Crimson: Set #97349

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting, 2minutes building
Set Piece Count: 132
Minifigs: 5 Crimson color Spartans: Orbital, Enforcer, Recruit, Scout, Mark VI
Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Target Locater, Magnum, Battle Rifle, DMR, Railgun, Shotgun, Machine Gun turret, 5 Frag grenades.
Accessories: Long crate, Flag stand with red flag, 3 magenta ferns, Jersey barrier, small Forerunner structure
Special Features: Translucent pole for making figures look like they are jumping into action.
Cost: $20

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

This is another of the several gifts my wife got for me for my birthday.

Before I continue, let me mention that I thought this was a very interesting choice for a set. The reason being that when we play Spartan Ops in Halo 4, WE are Fireteam Crimson. The color of the armor is what we choose it to be. With this thinking in mind, I’ve asked both Mega Bloks and 343 if this set is to be considered canon to the story. Neither have replied back with a definitive answer. So for now, do NOT consider this the Fireteam Crimson from Spartan Ops, rather just a generic team based on color rather than official source material from the game. As such, the Mark VI present isn’t so much a bother to me. Mark VI armor was reserved for Spartan IIs ONLY. As we know, the Fireteams in Halo 4 were all Spartan IVs.

Okay, on with the review.

MB Crimson FRONT
As we’ve become accustomed to, the box are is well done, has a cool action seen and shows off the Enforcer Spartan in the window nicely.MB Crimson BACK
Instead of showing other sets, the back of the box is strictly reserved for giving all the details of the set within. I really prefer this design over the normal ones that show other sets that are available.MB Crimson contents
The contents of the box.MB Crimson sorted
The pieces are all sorted out. As you can see, this doesn’t look like 132 pieces. That’s because Mega counts the figures as multiple pieces, which includes the removable armor.MB Crimson set
Here’s the set itself, waiting on Crimson to defend it from would-be attackers.MB Crimson weapons
There are well more than enough weapons for the five Spartans included in the set. Each can have a Frag grenade, at least 4 can have two weapons, while the fifth has one and can man the turret.MB Crimson orthos
Be sure and click the pic above to see it bigger. There is a LOT of detail in these figures. Note the armor is different not just with the Helmet and chest plate, but also the shoulders, thigh and leg armor as well!MB Crimson actionI am really loving this new articulation. There are more poses that the figures can be put into, than their predecessors.

Summary: The set takes almost no time to build. It includes a ridiculously high amount of weapons for 5 figures (a very good thing). The crate and Jersey barrier add depth to the set.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9.5 out for 10 medals. The set was oh so close to a perfect 10. The only thing I would have swapped out was the Mark VI spartan for another armor variant. This is just for consistency with the story, not because I do not like the armor (I LOVE that armor configuration!).

The only thing that I wish were answered is the question I stated earlier. Is this set to be considered THE Fireteam Crimson from Spartan Ops, or another more generic team with the same name? This isn’t at all a detractor. I’m just picky about the lore being consistent.

Do I recommend it?  Oh heck yea! I love this color! The Oribital and Enforcer Spartans are excellent armor choices. I’m always happy to have more Spartans in the recruit armor as well.

The value is definitely there. Having 5 figures in the set accounts for $15 of the $20. With the plethora of weapons, accessories and more, that makes up for the remaining $5.

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you get this set yourself, please let me know your thoughts on it too!

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  1. I love fireteam crimson because it’s a great army builder.

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