Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: Team Objective!!!

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HFFL: Before I paste the info, let me say that I for one am EXCITED that Objective is back! I think that 343 should have NEVER gotten rid of the playlist to begin with. It’s one playlist I lived in for much of my matchmaking career in both Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Okay, now for the info.

Team Objective is back and more objective-y than ever! Replacing Squad DLC, Team Objective will contain 4v4 ball holding, hill capturing and goal scoring action on a wide variety of maps. Staples such as Haven, Adrift and Ragnarok will be available including some Forge fan favorites. Voting for Team Objective has been simplified and is as follows:

First Slot:
Team Oddball

Second Slot:
King of the Hill
Team Regicide

Third Slot:
Dominion Light

HFFL: Some really good choices there. I can see the third slot being largely ignored though. In my Halo 4 experience, I haven’t seen too many people pick Dominion or Extraction. I do see Oddball and Kong of the Hill being the top picks of this revamped playlist. Now you have a chance to get some of that armor you haven’t been able to get before, since Objective was taken away, oh so long ago.

Today also marks the end of Proving Ground as its own playlist. However, we’ve integrated the Proving Ground gametypes right into Team Objective and Team Slayer.

HFFL: I for one am GLAD to see Proving Ground gone. It was taking up a much needed slot in Matchmaking, when typically only a hundred or so people were in that playlist. It was also too “try-hardy” for me. (Hence the name “Proving Ground”.

So this Friday night, I’ll be having a HFFL Community Night with nothing but Team Objective as the playlist of choice! Please feel free to join in. 8pm-10pm Eastern. If I can get things hooked up right, I’ll even be streaming this!


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  1. I think I’ll be free Friday evening, how to I join in on community night. I really enjoy objective game types.

    • Simple, send me a message over XBOX Live on Friday saying you want to join in. My gamer tag is HaloFanForLife1. I’ll be on at roughly 7:30 pm on Friday (EST).

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