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Hello friends!

There’s a strong likelihood that many of you reading this update have called Waypoint home for many years, and it is with great pleasure that we share details with you about something new that is on the way. Our web team has been hard at work on a secret project that, until now, had not been discussed outside of the studio walls. This endeavor just happens to be a hefty website update, and the first major redesign for Halo Waypoint.

HFFL: I figured this would happen, what with the Halo Channel and all. I think it’s a good move.

The update will bring a wide variety of improvements, new features, and a brand new look. We’ve improved search functionality, developed brand-new customizable user profile pages, an events calendar that will keep you updated with digital and live Halo events, and much more.

Additionally, the Halo 4 File Browser will now be located within the Halo 4 Stats App, and community-created polls will no longer be available in the forums. The ability to create polls in the current forums will end on October 10.

HFFL: Hmm, I wonder (and hope) that the app itself will get an update beyond the file browser feature. No polls in the forums created by forum users? Good. There are times when there have been an excessive amount of polls in the Waypoint forums and not much activity. I’m sure some will gripe about it, but this move makes sense. I wish they’d also limit post stacking. All too often people quote others that have quoted others and so on. I’ve seen a massive wall of quoted text in a reply only to be follow by a one sentence reply or even something as simple as a “LOL”. This is a case where folks should only quote those section of a previous post they specifically are answering to, not a whole conversation. 

Lastly, we are developing brand-new Halo Universe content that we’re excited to share with you. This content will come online next month, shortly after launch. The new Waypoint will be launching within the next few weeks, and we’ll have a bit more to share as we get closer to this date.

HFFL: Can’t wait! This too was expected with the run-up to the release of the Master Chief Collection.

Stay tuned for shiny things.

HFFL: Now if some of you squatted your eyes thinking you saw something in the background of the image above, you did. Below I’ve darkened the background to show the pattern better.



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