Halo 5’s “primary character” isn’t Master Chief, says Agent Locke’s voice actor.

An article from oxmonline.com by Edwin Evans-Thirwell.

Halo Nightfall’s Agent Locke isn’t just a playable character in Halo 5: Guardians – according to actor Mike Colter, he’s the star and, potentially, Master Chief’s enemy.


“Yeah, I’m a playable character in Halo 5,” Colter observed in an interview with X-One Magazine, posted to Reddit. “Once Halo: The Master Chief Collection is released, and then Halo 5 comes out shortly thereafter, you’re basically going to be playing a game with me as the primary character.”

In Nightfall, Locke is an ONI agent – a manhunter sent to investigate the appearance of a deadly compound on a colony world. By the time Halo 5 rolls around, however, he’ll have graduated to the status of Spartan. “I’ll have some cool weaponry, and some cool abilities, because by that time I’ll be a Spartan IV.” That’s the same make of Spartan as those aboard Halo 4’s UNSC Infinity, in case you’re wondering.

HFFL: I think most of us figured out that we’d be playing Locke at some point in Halo 5 Guardians.

We know from Halo: The Master Chief Collection trailers that Locke will be dispatched to track down John-117, who has mysteriously vanished – the Collection is effectively him doing his homework on the Chief’s greatest exploits. “What’s not known, is whether I’m a friend or foe,” Colter added, tantalisingly. “The relationship between Master Chief and Jameson Locke is going to be interesting. Because what’s the outcome?

HFFL: Heh,this just adds fuel to the speculative fire. I kind of hope he’s an enemy that turns into an ally. Yes, that will be much like Halo 2’s story in that respect and I’m okay with that.

“Is he dead or alive? Because that’s usually what a manhunt comes down to, dead or alive, but you won’t know what the purpose of finding Master Chief is [right away]. Or what will happen if we do find him, what condition he will be in, and where he’s at mentally. But I’m sure that’ll be a plot twist in Halo 5.”

HFFL: Let the conspiracies of the plot twist begin! Folks, reply with what YOU think might happen!

Reading just a little between the lines, it seems like Master Chief will need to be discovered alive in order for his mental state to have a bearing on the plot. What do you think? Let’s hope this doesn’t prove to be another Arbiter-style fanbase scandal.

HFFL: Um, what? What I do find interesting in all of this is that the actor is even talking about this. Given that it’s with OXM, it seems he has clearance to talk about his role to a point. Still, it makes me feel like he’s given up a little spoiler info. What do YOU think? I do know that Master Chief will be a playable character. But given this info, it seems like he won’t be as much of a playable character as Locke. If that’s the case, then 343 might have misled us a little. Yes, Master Chief will be integral to the story, but might not be as much of a playable character.

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[UPDATE] (Yeah, that was quick…) Frank O’Conner has answer a very important question regarding Master Chief:

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5 thoughts on “Halo 5’s “primary character” isn’t Master Chief, says Agent Locke’s voice actor.

  1. hmm… OK! So Halo 5 is gonna be Halo 2/3 except Arby is human. and whats this about Chief being the CO-star? Aw Microsoft you kidders! Stop slapping us with this.

    Ok so my theroy is the UNSC vs. Master Chief. Because the newest edition of OXM said one thing…
    “In mouring for Cortana and seeking a purpose in life, Master Chief embarks on a journey of self-discovery that may lead to conflict with his allies at the UNSC.”

    yeah great job not leaking anything Microsoft.

    So this could lead to another insurrection war but 117 is on the insurrection side cause the UNSC tried to double-cross him or stuff and Locke was sent to find him but then 117 revealed the true reason behind his disappearance and they now fight the UNSC, the forerunners, and the covenant.

    but i dont know. Halo isnt really one for plot twists, if you got one, you kinda knew it was coming. but if you threw some Under The Dome style twists at every courner, then you have the recipe for a masterpiece.

    • As much as I don’t want the story to go against the grain of what we’ve played/read so far, I think it just might need some kind of shake up like this.

  2. I have to say that I think we will probably play the bulk of the game as Locke, but this is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117’s story. There is no doubt that he is the one everything revolves around.

    I still think that at the end Locke and Chief meet up at some point and then the cutscene ends and the credits roll.

  3. I for one could not be more excited to be getting more important characters to play as. The Halo-verse is so large and rich, it seems a shame to limit our exposure to it to just one hero (awesome as he may be). It makes something very large feel smaller. I always prefer a diverse cast of rich, interesting characters. Plus, when there’s really only one main guy, it kinda takes the edge off – you’re never worried that they’re actually in any real danger.

    Finally, I would say that Halo: Reach proves the ability of a Halo game to be totally awesome with protagonists other than the Chief.

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