McFarlane Halo 2 Master Chief in stores now

I just got an e-mail from McFarlane this morning that their Halo 2 Master Chief should be in stores now. Of course, your mileage may vary on this.

Here’s a look at the figure, followed by a text blurb from McFarlane’s web site.

I do like the slim packaging of this. It’s nice that they included a pair of SMGs, as that’s how he’s most known in that iconic pose for Halo 2. Example below.Halo 2 poster

Here’s the figure outside of the packaging.other_halo2-mastershief_photo_01_dp
If I’m not mistaken, this is the exact same figure we got a few years ago. However, the weapons included may be a different assortment this time around.

I’m referring to the 3-pack of the Evolution of Master Chief from McFarlane.other_halo2-mastershief_photo_02_dpother_halo2-mastershief_photo_03_dpother_halo2-mastershief_photo_04_dp
Here’s McFarlane’s text blurb.

Ten years ago, Halo® 2 made its debut on the original Xbox, and changed multiplayer gaming on consoles forever. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of this influential, fan-favorite game, McFarlane Toys is offering a figure of the Master Chief, just as he appeared in 2004.

Our Halo 2 Master Chief figure captures all the details of this first version of his Mark VI armor – from the five indentations on his hand and ankle armor, to the smooth, undamaged plating on his chest. 

We’re loading up our Halo 2 Master Chief figure with an arsenal of second-game-themed weapons. Figure includes dual SMGs, a pair of Brute Plasma Rifles, and the ever-popular Battle Rifle. No matter which weapons you choose, you’ll be ready to fight like you did a decade ago!

Here’s where you can find the figure:
Hastings Entertainment

What’s important to note from the list is that Wal*Mart and Toys R Us are NOT on the list. Some of those stores I’ve never heard of.

I was going to take a pass on this, however, since it includes the rather rare red plasma rifle, I’ll pick it up.



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4 thoughts on “McFarlane Halo 2 Master Chief in stores now

  1. I found the cloaked version of MC at a local Walgreens. Have not seen this one yet. I had almost given up on McFarlane making any new Halo stuff until they announced these

    • Yeah, I saw the cloaked one is out too. I haven’t been to a store to see them in person yet. The cloaked MC is the same as the Halo 4 MC with exception to the helmet and cloak. Or so I’m told. Say, would you take a few pics of it (if you take it out of the package that is), with the cloak on and off of it? If so, please send them to me: I’ll share them on the blog as well.

  2. i found the halo 5 mc at HEB, waiting for Halo 2 MC! by the way: HEB is a shopping chain found in Texas. A TON OF THEM IN SAN ANTONIO. one has the floor area of a few miles

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