SPOILER: Leaked cutscene from Opening Cinematic of Halo 2 Anniversary

I’d like to thank once again my friend Rythmic Warrior for passing on the link to this for me.

If you’ve watched the “Remaking of a Legend” video, and/or have read about Nightfall at all, this really isn’t a spoiler. If you haven’t though, then this will be a little spoiler for you, so watch at your own risk.

Regarding where the leak came from, this from Kotaku: The scene supposedly leaked during a Twitch streamer’s broadcast of the game when he selected Halo 2 Anniversary‘s “The Heretic” campaign map.

I do not know yet who the first Elite is. I do like the armor colors though. The Arbiter looks MUCH more imposing in his own upgraded (or ceremonial) armor.

Also, note the other three Spartans besides Locke. I’m dubbing them Purple, Green and Red (due to visor colors) for now, until their identities are revealed (if they ever are).

And did you catch the Forerunner construct that the Arbiter is viewing? It’s the same as the one from last year’s E3. Thanks again to Rythmic for pointing those two points out to me.

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UPDATE I’ve just found a better quality vid and it’s the COMPLETE opening scene. Go HERE to view it on Facebook.


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