Halo Master Chief Collection Achievement Guideline: Part 1 Overall Achievements

Hello folks. This article is the first is a series of articles that will go over a section of the achievements for the Halo Master Chief Collection. Since there are 450 of them, I thought it prudent to break them down into smaller chunks. Today we start off with the initial “Overall” Achievments first brought to us. In subsequent days, I’ll have articles for Halo CE: Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4 Achievments. The last in this series will culminate in those recently announced final 50 achievements.

This is just a guideline of course. You may find other ways to get these achievements. It’s just my way of helping you through this massive list.

Before I go further, I should make mention that with 450 achievements and Halo 5 Guardians being roughly one year away, you’ll need to garner 5 achievements every 4 days to get them all. This is POSSIBLE, though will take some commitment to accomplish. Many of these can be had in one day, while others are going to take time to get. Stay focused and you can definitely reach the goal of being an Achievement Master!

Also, I want to make note of a noter person joining me in on this Guide. Former HFFL Gaming Group Member Tetrahedrite wrote up his own guideline and shared it with me. We talk and agreed to share in this guide. I’ll do my best to make mention of his specific contributions.

In any event, I hope this guide will be of benefit to you. On with the Overall Achievments Guide:

Overall Achievments – 72, gamerscore – 875G

50G LASO Master Complete the LASO playlist for every Halo game.
LASO means ‘Legendary All Skulls On’. This achievement is one of the hardest to get and will require a great deal of patience. Mine and Tetra’s suggestion is to go for this with a co-op partner. The reason for this is having a partner to game with will allow you to revert to a checkpoint should one of you die. If you play this solo, then upon your death, your progress essentially becomes null and you revert to the beginning of the level. Again, patience is key here. Rushing through a LASO run will very likely end up with you dying.

How I do this: You may find this strange, but I go for killing the easiest enemies first. They are often the more numerous and pesky enemies. This usually leaves just a scant few (though harder) enemies to face. One big reason I do this is that there will be much less firepower shooting at you. During a LASO run, Grunts and Jackals aren’t to be trifled with. Their spamming of plasma can easily take you down as an Elite’s sword can. Take them out easily form a distance. BTW, I definitely recommend picking up a plasma pistol to help you on your LASO runs. This will help blast shields away on the harder shield enemies.

30G Life Story Complete the Master Chief Saga playlist.
I’m going to let Tetra talk about this as he sums it up nicely:
Grab a comfy seat, set up some food, and take breaks between missions. Depending on difficultly/skill, each game will take 3-7 hours to complete which puts the whole playlist around 10-30 hours to complete. There a few methods in terms of how you manage playing because the actual playing is rather simple. If you go at it with a friend or three, then you are reliant on their commitment and internet connection. If you go at is solo, you have the luxury to pause and get some sleep before continuing, but of course, that requires your Xbox to remain on for a very long time. Not advised. This of course is assuming there isn’t a “resume playlist” feature.

The following 10 achievements are quite simple and can be gained by simply playing through the campaigns. The ones that will take you longer are the last three of these as they are only available in Halo 4.
5G Just Getting Started Kill 100 enemies or players.
5G Balaho’s Most Wanted Kill 100 Grunts.
5G The One Percent Kill 100 Elites.
5G Spoilsport Kill 100 Jackals.
5G Going Bananas Kill 100 Brutes.
5G Hunters Hunted Kill 50 Hunters.
5G Checkmate Kill 100 Watchers.
5G I Was Wondering What Would Break First Kill 100 Knights.
5G Pest Control Kill 100 Crawlers.
5G Delicious Brains Kill 100 Flood.
These shouldn’t take you any more than 3-4 weeks to get all of them, even the Halo 4 ones. Again, if you play all of the campaigns straight through, you’ll likely have them all anyway or be VERY close to finishing them.

20G Thanks A Killion Kill 20,000 enemies or players.
Okay, this one may sound daunting. Really though, it’s not that tough. The achievement says enemies or players. It’s MUCH easier to go the enemy route than player route. There are several places in the campaigns where you can revert to previous checkpoints. This will allow you to kill the same enemies over and over again. Is it a grind? Yes, but it’s going to be no matter what route you take to completing this achievement. So get at them Spartans!

5G The Guardians Are Coming Get killed by the Guardians.
The easiest way to get this achievement, IMO, is by loading up the multiplayer map Snowbound. All you need to is walk away form the playing area. Specifically outside of those suspicious looking turrets along the outside of the map. There is no kill boundary here as in Halo 4 for example. However, once you’ve walked too far out, those turrets will light you and and BAM Achievement Unlocked.

5G Mystery Achievement Inscrutable. Mysterious.
You’re guess is as good as mine on this one. Once this is figured out, I’ll revise this entry.

5G Stick With It Play a multiplayer or co-op game at least 3 months after your first game.
Not at all hard, especially if you’re trying to get all of these achievements. And really, you KNOW you’ll be playing at least three months of HMCC after it releases.

The next four are again self explanatory.
 Herald of the Reclamation Complete all campaigns on Easy difficulty.
30G Veteran Complete all campaigns on Normal difficulty.
40G War Hero Complete all campaigns on Heroic difficulty.
50G Legend Complete all campaigns on Legendary difficulty.
Personally, I play each NEW campaign on Heroic. In doing so, you would unlock the first three of these. However, if you’ve been playing Halo for awhile and know these campaigns well, conquering them on Legendary shouldn’t be all that hard, especially if you have co-op players. If you are relatively new to Halo or haven’t played the campaigns in awhile, don’t stress yourself on the Heroic or Legendary levels to start with. Work your way up to them. With a year or so before Halo 5 Guardians, you’ll have plenty of time to replay missions on harder difficulty to get those last two achievements.

30G Lore Master Activate every terminal.
This is one that might take a little bit of time. If you don’t know where a terminal is located, you can EASILY find clips of them via YouTube. There are MANY vids there to be found. As for the Halo 2 Anniversary terminals, you can be sure that kids of those will be up within hours of the game’s release.

30G Throne of Bones Find and claim all the mission skulls in Halo:CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3.
Basically the same answer as above. Some are a bit tricky and would be better gained by having a co-op partner. There is one in Halo 3 for example that is VERY tricky to get. We’ll get to that one in a later article though.

The next 23 all have to due with playing either campaign missions or multiplayer games. Every other one requires WINS in multiplayer games.
 Your Journey Begins Complete a campaign mission or a match of multiplayer.
5G Where Am I? Complete 10 missions or multiplayer games.
5G Tempered Blade Win 10 multiplayer games.
10G Game On Complete 50 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Contender Win 50 multiplayer games.
10G I Got This Complete 100 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Forged in Fire Win 100 multiplayer games.
10G Can’t Put It Down Complete 150 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Sharpshooter Win 150 multiplayer games.
10G Bonus Level Complete 200 missions or multiplayer games.
10G In It To Win It Win 200 multiplayer games.
10G Up All Night Complete 250 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Battle Hardened Win 250 multiplayer games.
10G Can’t Get Enough Complete 300 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Thermopylae Win 300 multiplayer games.
10G Committed Complete 350 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Striking Fear in Their Hearts Win 350 multiplayer games.
10G Big Time Gamer Complete 400 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Steady Aim Win 400 multiplayer games.
10G Long Time Fan Complete 450 missions or multiplayer games.
10G Quick Trigger Finger Win 450 multiplayer games.
20G The Long Haul Complete 500 missions or multiplayer games.
20G Multiplayer Champion Win 500 multiplayer games.
The completing of games is very simple. It’s the wins that you’re going to have to work on. For this, I suggest finding a gaming group (care to join HFFL’s Gaming group?) Again consider that you’ll have about 365 days before Halo 5 Guardians comes out. If you plan to stop playing HMCC after that date then you’ll need to WIN 1-2 multiplayer games a day. That’s really not THAT hard when you think about it. It’ll just require a time commitment to accomplish.

Much like the preceding grouping, this is another set of achievements that will require time to get. Multi kills are where it’s at folks! Campaign is easy for this in many places. As for multiplayer, might I suggest Grifball? I’ve been known to get Killionaires several times in one game of Grifball…
 Just A Taste Collect 500 campaign or playlist medals.
10G All Out of Bubblegum Collect 1,000 unique campaign or playlist medals.
10G A Pile of Medals Collect 2,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G A Crate of Medals Collect 3,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G A Heap of Medals Collect 4,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G A Few Trinkets Collect 5,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G Oh, These Baubles? Collect 6,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G Chesty Puller Starter Kit Collect 7,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G Medal Master Chief Collect 8,000 campaign or playlist medals.
10G The Good, The Bad, and The Dead Collect 9,000 campaign or playlist medals.
20G Medal Completionist Collect 10,000 campaign or playlist medals.

10G Foe Hammer Kill 5,000 enemies or players.
This one really won’t be all that hard. As described above, since it’s for both campaign and multiplayer, if you’re looking for the easiest way to get this, campaign is your best route.

The nine below are nearly repetitive of ones earlier. Other than Hunters, the rest all require 1K kills. You’ll have a VERY easy tie with Grunts, Elites, Jackals and Brutes. Watchers, Knights and Crawlers are going to be a grind to get to 1K. Flood, no problem. If you play the level Floodgate in Halo 3, you’ll rack those 1,000 kills VERY quickly!
 Gruntageddon Kill 1000 Grunts.
10G Were It So Easy Kill 1000 Elites.
10G Scavenger Hunt Kill 1000 Jackals.
10G Dankey Kang Kill 1000 Brutes.
10G Wyrmslayer Kill 250 Hunters.
10G Remove the Bishops From the Board Kill 1000 Watchers.
10G Knightbane Kill 1000 Knights.
10G Dogcatcher Kill 1000 Crawlers.
10G Zombie Repeller Kill 1000 Flood.
This might take you about 8-10 weeks to get them all with the Halo 4 enemies being the ones you’ll have to grind out.

As you continue on your quest to get these achievements, the more and more you play the campaigns the easier it will get. Not only will you learn how to take down enemies faster, you’ll also play through missions faster and find those places where many enemies are at that you can revert back to and kill over and over again.

The next three deal with playing co-operatively. Since they only require ONE level to complete in any of the four campaigns, you should have NO problem getting these.
 Standard Operating Brocedure Complete any co-op level on Normal difficulty.
10G Brovershield Complete any co-op level on Heroic difficulty.
10G Bro Hammer Complete any co-op level on Legendary difficulty.
So grab your best gaming bud and dive into the pool!

10G I Dabble in Slaying Complete one cross-game playlist.
20G Sample Plate Complete three cross-game playlists.
One game or three, it’s TOO was to get these two achievements. This will come during normal play so don’t worry about trying to achieve it specifically.

Tomorrow I’ll bring you the Halo CE Anniversary Achievments and my simple guide to getting those.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com. I might use those as edits in these articles.


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