Halo Master Chief Collection Achievement Guideline – Part 3: Halo 2 Anniversary Achievements

Here we are at the third of the series of articles for the achievements of the Halo Master Chief Collection. At the bottom will be links for the other parts to this simple guide. Today we look at the Halo 2 Achievements.

This is just a guideline of course. You may find other ways to get these achievements. It’s just my way of helping you through this massive list.

HFFL Community Friend ‘Tetrahedrite’ wrote up his own guideline and shared it with me. We talk and agreed to share in this guide. I’ll do my best to make mention of his specific contributions.

Now on with this part of the guide:

Halo 2 Achievements – 111, gamerscore 1005G

5G Back At It Halo 2: Play a game of Halo 2 Anniversary on the 9th of any month.
Simple enough. First opportunity for this is December 9th. BTW, if you’re wondering why the 9th was chosen, 11/9/14 is the 10th Anniversary of Halo 2.

The next 16 are for finding each Skull. Here’s a vid from a few years ago that shows the skulls in Halo 2 (Classic):

5G Skulltaker Halo 2: That’s Just…Wrong Halo 2: Find and claim the That’s Just…Wrong Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Thunderstorm Halo 2: Find and claim the Thunderstorm Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Blind Halo 2: Find and claim the Blind Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: IWHBYD Halo 2: Find and claim the IWHBYD Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Catch Halo 2: Find and claim the Catch Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Grunt Birthday Party Halo 2: Find and claim the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Famine Halo 2: Find and claim the Famine Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Envy Halo 2: Find and claim the Envy Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Assassins Halo 2: Find and claim the Assassins Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Mythic Halo 2: Find and claim the Mythic Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Sputnik Halo 2: Find and claim the Sputnik Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Anger Halo 2: Find and claim the Sputnik Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Ghost Halo 2: Find and claim the Ghost Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Iron Halo 2: Find and claim the Iron Skull.
5G Skulltaker Halo 2: Black Eye Halo 2: Find and claim the Black Eye Skull.
20G Trophy Collector Halo 2: Find and claim all Skulls in Halo 2.

The next 14 deal with the terminals. Check the vid below to locate each of these.
 Curious Halo 2: Activate Terminal 1 on Cairo Station.
5G Inquisitive Halo 2: Activate Terminal 2 on Outskirts.
5G Examiner Halo 2: Activate Terminal 3 on Metropolis.
5G Inspector Halo 2: Activate Terminal 4 on The Arbiter.
5G Fascinated Halo 2: Activate Terminal 5 on The Oracle.
5G Enchanted Halo 2: Activate Terminal 6 on Delta Halo.
5G Enamored Halo 2: Activate Terminal 7 on Regret.
5G Determined Halo 2: Activate Terminal 8 on Sacred Icon.
5G Delighted Halo 2: Activate Terminal 9 on Quarantine Zone.
5G Knowledgable Halo 2: Activate Terminal 10 on Gravemind.
5G Scholar Halo 2: Activate Terminal 11 on Uprising.
5G Reviewer Halo 2: Activate Terminal 12 on High Charity.
5G Obsessed Halo 2: Activate Terminal 13 on The Great Journey.
20G Walking Encyclopedia Halo 2: Activate all Halo 2 Terminals.

The next 14 are for beating par times in the specific missions. I’ll update this when I know what those times are. For now suffice to say that speed running is what you’ll need to do here.
10G Don’t Hangar Around* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Cairo Station.
10G Rooftop Runner* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Outskirts.
10G Speeding Ticket* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Metropolis.
10G YOLO Strats* Halo 2: Beat the par time on The Arbiter.
10G Reed the Strategy* Halo 2: Beat the par time on The Oracle.
10G So You Don’t Want the Tank?* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Delta Halo.
10G I Regret Nothing* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Regret.
10G Terminal Velocity* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Sacred Icon.
10G Hot Zone* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Quarantine Zone.
10G Force of Will* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Gravemind.
10G No Man’s Land* Halo 2: Beat the par time on Uprising.
10G Feeling Charitable* Halo 2: Beat the par time on High Charity.
10G Are We There Yet?* Halo 2: Beat the par time on The Great Journey.
20G Going Nowhere Fast* Halo 2: Beat par time on all Halo 2 levels.

As with par time, the next 14 deal with par SCORE. Again, I’ll update this when I find out what the scores are. Adding skulls to boost score is the obvious tactic here. Which skulls for the most points and yet keep the levels relatively easier will be discussed at a later time.
 Bomb Squad* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Cairo Station.
10G Objective Secured* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Outskirts.
10G Ripple Fire* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Metropolis.
10G Heresy Will Not Stay My Feet* Halo 2: Beat the par score on The Arbiter.
10G Leave None Alive* Halo 2: Beat the par score on The Oracle.
10G Boundless* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Delta Halo.
10G Fists of Fury* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Regret.
10G Guided Tour* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Sacred Icon.
10G The Doctor Is In* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Quarantine Zone.
10G Official Business* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Gravemind.
10G The Hype Is Real* Halo 2: Beat the par score on Uprising.
10G Scorched Earth* Halo 2: Beat the par score on High Charity.
10G Frequent Flyer Miles* Halo 2: Beat the par score on The Great Journey.
20G Arcade Owner* Halo 2: Beat the par score on every Halo 2 level.

The first in the next three playlist achievements won’t be so hard.
10G Seconds Halo 2: Complete a Halo 2 playlist.
The next one, ‘LASO’, well, unless you LIKE punishment, LOL, if you’re like me, you’ll be passing on this one. I’ve never been one for LASO runs. I want to have fun, and I don’t want my Halo to feel like ‘work’.
30G Back for More Halo 2: Complete the Halo 2 LASO Campaign playlist.
20G Conossieur Halo 2: Complete three Halo 2 playlists.
Hmm, I wonder if there are only 3 playlists for H2A’s campaign? If so, then again, I won’t get this one as I won’t be tackling the LASO one.

10G Six Pedals, Four Directions Halo 2: Drive a Scorpion while playing as the Arbiter.
Self explanatory.

10G Betcha can’t stick it… Halo 2: Stick a Plasma Grenade to a Stealth Elite on Outskirts.
Self explanatory.

20G The Return of Megg Halo 2: She’s not picking up.
Another ‘Megg’ Achievement. Not sure what this is, but will update when I find out.

5G Cowardly Grunt Halo 2: Listen to the Cowardly Grunt’s woes.

5G Siege of Ivory Tower Halo 2: Listen to a hidden music cue in Halo 2.
I’ll update this one when I find out where this is.

5G THE Chips Dubbo? Halo 2: Fight alongside the legendary Chips Dubbo and listen to his words.
As with HCE:A’s achievement like this, find the Aussie Marine.

10G Rex Sword Halo 2: Grab the energy sword on the level Outskirts.

5G 10 Minutes Too Early Halo 2: In The Oracle, find the holo-drone before the Heretic Leader activates it.

5G He’s Running a Marathon… Halo 2: Spot the developer in the opening cutscene of Gravemind on Legendary in Classic Mode.
Get this by playing the cutscene on Legendary. You’ll see him just after the grunt climbs up   on the left. The Dev is on the right in his underwear…

5G HI BEN Halo 2: Oh, hi!
Have the Sputnik Skull turned on!

5G E E E Halo 2: View both signs in the level Metropolis.

10G GOOOAAAAALLLL! Halo 2: Shoot the soccer ball in the level Metropolis.

5G Needs More Whammy Bar Halo 2: Complete the level Regret with the Prophet Birthday Skull activated.
Self Explanatory Tetra mentions that the Prophet Skull is a Silver one. So no worries about this changing dynamics of the game to make it harder.

10G Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate Halo 2: Complete a level in co-op on Heroic or Legendary with the Masterblaster Skull active.
Self Explanatory This skull is also silver, per Tetra.

10G Starved For Shields Halo 2: Complete a level with only the Streaking Skull active on Heroic or Legendary.
Self Explanatory And again, another Silver Skull.

10G Tighten Up The Graphics Halo 2: Complete every level of Halo 2 having seen it in both classic and remastered mode.
Self Explanatory

10G Commuter Halo 2: Complete Metropolis without entering a vehicle on Heroic or Legendary.
Self Explanatory

10G He Never Gets Me Anything Halo 2: Complete Delta Halo without entering a vehicle on Heroic or Legendary.
Self Explanatory

Since there is no mention of difficulty for the following 13 achievements, if you want to make it easy on yourself, just do the missions on easy…
10G Cairo Station Halo 2: Complete Cairo Station.
10G Outskirts Halo 2: Complete Outskirts.
10G Metropolis Halo 2: Complete Metropolis.
10G The Arbiter Halo 2: Complete The Arbiter.
10G Oracle Halo 2: Complete The Oracle.
10G Delta Halo Halo 2: Complete Delta Halo.
10G Regret Halo 2: Complete Regret.
10G Sacred Icon Halo 2: Complete Sacred Icon.
10G Quarantine Zone Halo 2: Complete Quarantine Zone.
10G Gravemind Halo 2: Complete Gravemind.
10G Uprising Halo 2: Complete Uprising.
10G High Charity Halo 2: Complete High Charity.
10G The Great Journey Halo 2: Complete The Great Journey.

The next 4 are self explanatory. Work up to them if you wish. As before, if you start out at a higher level of difficulty, you won’t need to go back and play at easier levels.
10G Big Green Style Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Easy difficulty.
10G Warrior Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Normal difficulty.
20G Hero Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Heroic difficulty.
30G Legendary Anniversary Halo 2: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

20G Scarab Lord Halo 2: Acquire the Scarab Gun.
See the vid above that also shows the location of the Soccer Ball.

10G Silent but Deadly Halo 2: Kill 7 opponents from behind in a row without being spotted.
Hey! Is that a fart joke? LOL…

10G Demon Halo 2: Complete any campaign level without dying on Normal or harder.
This can be quite easy. If you’re not so versed in Halo 2’s campaign, don’t try to rush it. This WILL come to you in time.

5G Go Ape Shiv Halo 2: Kill an enraged, berserk Brute using melee.
Tetra’s take: When you pop off the little helmets on brutes, and deal suffiant amount of damage, they will berserk you. Pump a few more rounds of whatever gun you current wield and lay a melee as they leap towards you.

The next 9 are close to my heart as I love Halo toys….Unfortunately, I do not as yet have the locations, so this will be updated when they are found out.
5G And So It Begins… Halo 2: Collect the Master Chief toy in Delta Halo.
5G Regrettable Turn of Events Halo 2: Collect the Prophet of Regret toy in Regret.
5G The Will of the Prophets Halo 2: Collect the Arbiter toy in Sacred Icon.
5G Chieftain of the Brutes Halo 2: Collect the Tartarus toy in Quarantine Zone.
5G Don’t Make a Girl a Promise Halo 2: Collect the Cortana toy in Gravemind.
5G My Work is Done Halo 2: Collect the Librarian toy in Uprising.
5G I Like Crazy Halo 2: Collect the Rampant Cortana toy in High Charity.
5G Pyrrhic Solution Halo 2: Collect the Didact toy in The Great Journey.
20G Toybox Halo 2: Collect all eight Halo toys.

5G Dirty Bird Halo 2: Fly the Heretic Banshee.
This is rather easy. It should come to you through normal gameplay.

I hope this helps you on your goal to becoming an Achievement Master!
As stated achievements for which I do not as yet have locations/times/scores, etc., will be updated when they become available.

A special thank you to all of those above who posted vids on youtube for some of the achievements.

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If these have helped you, please reply below or drop me an e-mail at sal@halofanforlife.com.


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