Halo Mega Bloks Toy Review, Covenant Scarab: Part 6 (of 6) Turret, figures, weapons and the rest

Well this is it, the Sixth and final part of the SIX part Halo Mega Bloks Scarab toy review. This is Mega Bloks third Halo Signature series set and it’s largest to date.
Due to it’s very large piece count (3,340), and it’s size, I’ve broken down the review into 6 parts so that you can easily see/read/download the review

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Mega Bloks Covenant Scarab: Set # 97964

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 5 hours Sorting, 8 hours Building TOTAL 13 hours.
Set Piece Count: 3,340
Minifigs: 2x Jackal Snipers, Dark Blue Ascetic Elite, Dark Blue Commando Elite, Translucent-Blue Prophet of Regret
Weapons: Fuel Rod Gun, 2x Carbine, 2x Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword (My set had 4 Carbines in it.)
Accessories: Buildable translucent blue Prophet Chair
Special Features: Legs pivot front to back at the hip, cannon turns 360°, hatch lifts up (on upper body), removable roof for cockpit, 2 side compartment area hatches open/close, some articulation at front plasma cannon (mandibles)
Cost: $250 Toys R Us Exclusive

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

Today we start with the top-side plasma turret.

Below you see some of the steps of how it’s built. You build on both the top and bottom sides of this to add volume.MB Scarab Turret steps

Here the turret is complete and you’re seeing it from the bottom side. The exposed cylinder will be placed onto the cylinder from the top most part of the body. This will allow the turret to rotate 360°.MB Scarab Turret FIN bottom

Here’s the view from the top side. MB Scarab Turret FIN topIt really reminded me of a Covenant Seraph. Below is Mega Bloks version of the Seraph for reference.MB Seraph

With the turret complete I placed it on top of the Scarab. However, before I get to the final build, I’ll go over the weapons, figures and leftover parts as I do with each of my reviews.

As you can see you get a nice assortment of weapons with the Scarab set. There is actually another Plasma Pistol included. I omitted it by accident.MB Scarab Turret weapons

Next we move on to the figures.

This is the first time we get a Jackal Sniper. It’s essentially the same figure as the normal Jackal with exception to the head having the armor on it. You get two of this figure in the set. They are exactly the same, so I’m only showing one of them here.MB Scarab Fig Jackal

Next we have the Elite Commando. As mentioned in a different part of the review, this and the Ascetic Elite were originally supposed to be Brute Honor Guards. Still, I like this color for the Elites. Both are older molds of Elite armor that are being slowly forgotten. Might this be the last time we see this style?MB Scarab Fig Elite Commando

And here’s the Ascetic Elite. I prefer this one over the Commando. I think it’s the protruding large white mandibles.MB Scarab Fig Elite Ascetic

The holographic Prophet is excellent. Of course being a huge fan of translucent toys, I was excited about this change. Originally it was to be the Prophet of Regret in full color. Again though, I’m VERY happy with this change.MB Scarab Fig Holo Prophet

And here’s the chair again. (First shown in part 1 of this review)MB Scarab Prophet Chair

The Prophet and his chair look excellent together. That detail on the top crest and the rich hue of blue really did it for me.
MB Scarab Fig Holo Prophet-Chair

Here are all of the figures together.MB Scarab Figs ALL

Moving on to the left over parts. I start with those clear parts that are removed from the under side of the body. This may not look like much, but I’m calling it a mini space tether…MB Scarab Leftovers-Clear

Here are all of the parts I had left over. Should you get this set, your left overs may vary slightly.MB Scarab Leftovers-parts

And of course, as always, I try first to make a mini version of whatever the model is. Here is a mini Scarab. Or at least as best as I could do with the left over parts…MB Scarab Leftovers-mini
Another view from the front.Notice I even got the mandibles for the forward cannon, as well as somewhat of the ramp going up to the top of the Scarab.
MB Scarab Leftovers-mini 2

And finally, we come to the build all complete.MB Scarab FINMB Scarab FIN 2

I mentioned yesterday that I might have something a little special for this part of the review. Well, there is. It’s a 13 minute video were I go over the features of the Scarab with the whole set being complete.

I do apologize in advance at some of the shakiness of the vid. I had to hold my cell phone (that I used to record the vid) with one hand and use my other hand to demonstrate the features.

Okay, so what do I think of this set overall and it’s components?

As a whole this set is absolutely fantastic. I’ll give it a 9.5 out of 10. It’s not totally 100% game accurate, but is pretty good. It’s smaller in scale than it would be if built to scale with the figures. I’m not going to knock it for that though as both of the other Signature Series sets are also smaller to scale.

The set has lots of features, that as you can see from the video above as well as the other parts of this review. Those really add to the play value of the set.

I’m happy with the color choices for the set. Mega seems to have gone with the deep purple for most of it’s Covenant sets now and I think that’s a great move.

The immensity of this set is impressive. Do note again that it’s 19 inches long by 15 inches high. So you’re going to need a good sized space to put this in. Mine will be going on top of my entertainment center.

Do I recommend this set? Does a grunt squeal? Heck yeah I recommend this set. Yes, it’s Mega’s most expensive set to date, but it’s every bit as much worth it. At retail you can expect to buy this Toys R Us exclusive fro $250. If you wait for 6-9 months, you may be able to find it for a discount. I got lucky with mine and got it for 25% off, but that deal has since passed as of this writing.

As I’ve stated at the beginning of each part of the review, it took me 5 hours to sort and another 8 hours to build. While you could build this in one day, Ido not recommend it. At 13 hours, it’s a long build. Rather, if you build it along the lines of how I did, front legs, then back legs, the body, and turret, your build will go along rather smoothly. I actually built the front legs one day then the next built the rest of the Scarab, but that’s me. I wanted to get it done a quickly as possible so I could begin writing and posting this full review.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all of the parts as well as watching the video. Please let me know by either replying below or sending me an e-mail at sal@halofanforlife.com.

If my reviews have helped you decide to buy this or not, I’m REALLY interested in hearing about that and what of the reviews brought you to your decision.

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Halo Mega Bloks Toy Review, Covenant Scarab: Part 6 (of 6) Turret, figures, weapons and the rest


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