Massive Pillar of Autumn custom build!

Normally I do not promote anything LEGO here as they are not a licensee of Halo. However, when it comes to FAN projects, I make a rare exception. This is one of those times.

Lee Jones, made a custom build of the Pillar of Autumn. It took him 3 1/2 years and cost $7,000 to build. The ship weighs 200lbs!

Front 3-4 v2

Here are yet MORE pics of this fantastic fan model:

This shows more of the detail of the side bottom area. Flat tiles really help with this build as well. Side bottom detail

This side detail of the engines is incredible. It’s just amazing how much detail can be made when models are scaled WAY up.Side Engine detail

Lastly, here are the engines form the rear. My gawd, it’s BEAUTIFUL!Back Engine Detail

The only thing I wish about this were that it were made form Mega Bloks instead. Of course because they are the official licensee building blok toy of Halo.

To see more pics go HERE



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5 thoughts on “Massive Pillar of Autumn custom build!

  1. wow.. incredible. The Pillar of Autumn has always been my favourite ship in the halo universe, its great to see other fans re-creating it in different ways. 3 1/2 years. that is just epic …

  2. Great SHIP and good SNOT techniques. Wonder when Mega Bloks will release a Signature Series Pillar of Autumn though? I mean, we all know it’s going to happen eventually. It would make no sense not to and it is the perfect set to have Captain Keyes in.

    • Well, I know one of the Vice Presidents of Mega Bloks would really like to see that set made. BTW, for those who do not know what SNOT means, it’s a term with building block set meaning “Studs Not On Top”. This is a popular thing to do with models to make them look more realistic and less toy like.

      • If you were wondering, SHIP was intentionally capitalized as it stands for “Significantly Huge Investment of Pieces” and it is most commonly used when referring to big ship MOCs made up of many pieces. Like SNOT, it originated in the LEGO building community. I’m not familiar with the Mega Bloks building community but what would be considered “SHIPs” would be builds like the Spirit of Fire and the UNSC Infinity.

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