Is Neill Blomkamp still interested in making a Halo movie?

So of you many know that a Halo movie has been talk about for many years, yet has not come to fruition. Neil Blomkamp, the director of District 9, was one of the directors tapped for a Halo movie. While that has fallen short, it seems he still has interest in Halo.

Earlier today I came across an article on Blomkamp showing pics from his instagram page of a secret “Aliens” project. It’s not an official thing, rather something he was toying around with. 

Within those pics was one of an Alien head and a small Master Chief helmet:
Aliena Halo crossoverDoubtful there would be an Aliens/Halo cross-over, though that might be pretty cool!

Likewise, he also posted this concept image of an Elite in his version of Halo (though this image is from several months ago):
blomkamp elite

Lastly is this armor suit which looks like a cross between an Elite armor suit and Legion from Mass Effect (also from last year):
blomkamp halo exo suit

It’s important to note that Blomkamp’s work in Halo was long before these pictures were uploaded to his instagram account. So it has me wondering, if he would still make a Halo film?

Personally, since he seemed to be the director with the most interest in the project, I’d be all for it. Many folks thought his movie Elysium had Halo-like elements to it.

What are your thoughts on this folks? Would you be up for Blomkamp finally getting the go-ahead for a Halo movie? Do you like/dislike the Elite concept and/or armor?

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12 thoughts on “Is Neill Blomkamp still interested in making a Halo movie?

  1. I think it would be cool to get a halo on the big screen, but it has to be done right. It should be about halo 1 BUT have alittle info before the halos so people who are new to halo could get a grasp of the insight and know alittle more about halo and the spartans. then creating sequals from then on. Halo nightfall, failed to grasp the so some info about what halo is and what happened to it. So new people got a little confused and what happened and how that strange element was formed. It would be cool to if this director partnered up with Steven Spielberg and created something.

  2. I’m all for a halo movie Sal!

    Even though his elite is something that I REALLY dislike. Even though It wouldn’t be a bad look for some other alien creature, it’s just not a sangheili.

  3. But does the Halo franchise really need a movie? That is the real question. And if there was a movie, what would it be about? I remember talks of adapting the book Halo: The Fall of Reach into a movie but the lore about the fall of Reach is a bit muddled.

    • Lots of things do not NEED a movie. LOL. But it’s all about MONEY. So if Microsoft can get a Halo movie made, it will be done. Their biggest problem is NOT working with Hollywood (film industry) enough to let those folks develop the movie. MS wants it’s hands in there too much. I do understand that, however, the film industry doesn’t work that way. When it tries to, you get projects like Halo: Nightfall…

      • LOL. I do know that it’s all about the $$$ and I do think a Halo movie would be cool but history shows us that movies based on video games aren’t very good so I fear that if a Halo movie was released, it may be average/mediocre which will further damage Halo’s reputation and “cheapen” the franchise. What Microsoft (and 343i) needs to know is that Halo is a VIDEO GAME franchise first and foremost so they should focus on continuing to make great games before expanding into the TV/digital series and movie area. And we know 343i hasn’t been doing too well in either areas, with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s bad launch and Halo: Nightfall not being too good (haven’t watched it myself yet but reading your review of the series, it doesn’t seem you view too highly of it 😛 )

  4. Does that elite even have mouth mandibles? (this thats what they are called). Other than the mouth, that elite concept looked amazing. Not sure about the armoured elite tho, just doesn’t look haloish imo

    • It does if you look close. Mind you, that Elite image is a concept and would likely go through several iterations before coming to the final appearance in a movie. I’m betting that Microsoft would have the Elites look much closer to their appearance in the games.

  5. A professionally made halo movie would be amazing, someday it will happen.

  6. A Halo movie would be awesome, but the big question I have is what story will they portray? Would they try to do something like Fall of Reach? One of the short stories in Halo: Evolutions? Having witnessed how Hollywood handles books into movies I have a feeling that even if it did well in general that the changes inevitably made would be a disappointment to Halo Lore fans.

    That being said I hope that we do not have serious talk about this until after the release of Halo 5 as I want 343 focusing on that.

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