Halo 5 Beta being discussed on Halo Waypoint: Victory pose/animation

I do not often check out the forums on Waypoint. Mostly due to moderating that isn’t up to what I prefer. Lots of flaming, too many quotes within quotes kind of posting and repeated topics…

That being said, I do check it out on occasion, especially where there is something currently important going on in the Halo Community.

The Halo 5 Beta is just that current news. So yesterday I took some time to check out threads people were posting over there. Some I agree with, others not, and some pose questions you might be interested in hearing and possibly answering for yourself.

Below you’ll find one of those specifics topics and my thoughts on them.

Thread: Victory Pose Discussion
As can be assumed this thread talks about the victory pose/animation at the end of matchmaking games in the beta.

One reason I chose to post this thread in this article is that the original poster took time to explain their thoughts as well as possible solutions. THAT is the kind of posting I like to see. Not just someone complaining about something, but not offering possible solutions.

Here is that person’s post:

By Monkey pod:
Victory pose discussion

So i have a few ideas and views on this and i’d love to hear other peoples ideas and thoughts good or bad too.So i’ll say it short then explain why / ideas and thoughts. I feel that the Victory pose is too childish/immature/to Bro’ ish, For an elite Spartan solider.

These Spartan 4’s while not being as heavily trained the same as the Spartan II’s,they are Elite soldiers and soldiers when training are made to take it seriously as life and death not like they just won a football game.It makes breaks the look of elite fighters and more like kids in suits.
We are so used to having John the Master Chief being a strong man of few words. He represents over 10 years
(game/character development wise) of how we think of what Spartans are i can’t picture him jumping around being like yeahhhhh we did it Broooo! So when i see spartan 4’s acting so Bro’ish im not used to it nor do i like it.
The Spartan is in away you and i wouldn’t do that it breaks me away from the story of it.

How to make it better
I think the Victory Pose needs to either do one of two things either make the pose more majestic and mature to fit a Spartan or..

Have the option to Pick your Victory Pose Via ranking unlocks So this i think is the better idea it give us all something to do i love unlocking things and while the Bro childish Victory thing doesn’t appeal to me or feel like something i would do. We can have different pose’s so that it can appeal to young, old or whatever else there is. It pleases everyone then.
I think while this issue is minor i hear everyone my age complain about it a little ( mid 20’s) as well as IGN’s Ryan Mcafee and some note worth people also saying the same. Anyway what are your thoughts and ideas guys and girls?

Now, there were various answers from other forums users there. One argued, why worry about this when other gamers think it’s okay to t-bag an opponent? While I can see the argument in that thought, that’s another issue. I don’t agree with t-bagging normally, but can’t say I haven’t done it before. It really shouldn’t have a place in gaming.

However, something like the animation as it is, I feel shouldn’t really be in Halo either. Spartans are supposed to be noble and/or majestic. (Yes, those words were deliberately used).  They aren’t supposed to be cocky pro-ball players who are showboating after a win. That’s how I look at the animation sequence after a match made game in the beta.

A forum user suggested having rare funny animation with cartwheels or a chicken dance. Heh, got to admit, that IS funny, but again doesn’t have a place in Halo. However, if the game win celebration does stay in, then I’d welcome this added ridiculousness to it. After all, how many times do we see pro do a chicken dance after a good play? LOL

It does seems that several want the tone of the celebration animation toned down. One suggested Frank O’Conner has said it would be toned down, though I can not verify that claim.

A few argue that since this is simulated combat for the Spartans and not real field battle, that they should be allowed to have fun after a win. I have to disagree. Again, these are supposed to be highly trained elite soldiers, that should have a moral code. Well, again, the Spartan IIs did, but we see less and less from the Spartan III’s to the now current Spartan IVs.

I have to point out here again that this is one specific reason why the Spartan II program took children, so that they could train them to be super soldiers, obey orders and not partake in personal victory dances/celebrations.

One person suggested that this is an unnecessary feature, and I’d have to agree with them. That it’s been developed doesn’t mean it has to stay in the game.

I guess I’m just a little confused by the direction of this choice in the game. If Halo 5 is going to have a less serious tone with added on, might that mean less seriousness in the campaign? Halo for me has always been about serious story telling and competitive gameplay, but with a tone of respect (t-bagging aside). Maybe, I’m over thinking this, but again, that’s part of what I do as a very avid Halo fan…

So how do you feel about the victory pose/celebration animation?

Sound off and let your voices be heard Spartans!


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3 thoughts on “Halo 5 Beta being discussed on Halo Waypoint: Victory pose/animation

  1. I agree with the dislike of the victory animation in its current form. I’ll admit when I first started playing the beta I always had a feeling of embarrassment when it came up. I think they might be trying to drawn in the younger sports game crowd. I do like the idea of unlockable vickory poses or animation that would be reasonable for a super solder in Halo lore. Maybe make the extreme ones ( chicken dance…) real high level unlocks. That way extremely skilled players can show off a little if they like.

  2. I agree, would i think would be cool.. is that, like how halo 4 you could change your player card stance, think it would be nice if they did that but after the match. But not broish celebrations. But heroic stances and stuff.

  3. I rather agree. I think that a spartan would never celebrate over a victory like that. The only thing that a spartan should do is stand in a noble/ majestic (yes, I stole your joke) pose.

    I hope that they take this out of the game.

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