Helioskrill Armor unlocked!

Helioskrill Armor Unlocked

After grinding out both Halo 2 and Halo CE on Legendary either solo or with a couple of different friends the last couple of days, I finally have the Helioskrill armor!!!

I already had Halo 3 done a few weeks ago. Halo 4 wasn’t long after that. I wasn’t sure if I’d get Halo 2 done before the beta was over because…well, it’s a pretty darn hard campaign… That is, unless you use certain skulls. As reported earlier this week, you CAN use the Scarab Gun skull and STILL get the Legendary achievements. SO that’s how I tackled H2. For HCE I put on the Bandana and Piñata skulls. Giving me both unlimited grenades and ammo. That made CE SO much easier.

So you want proof I got the armor? Look no further!

HFFL Helioskrill

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6 thoughts on “Helioskrill Armor unlocked!

  1. Good job! I think the armor looks somewhat strange with that Arbiter-style helmet (yes, I know the Helioskrill armor was made by a Sangheili) but it’s still better than a lot of the Halo 4 armor!

    • That much I can agree on. At least the visor is BIG and able to be seen through directly. I really like the Helioskrill armor.

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