So….7+ hours wasted on the Halo 5 Beta…

Yesterday I was determined to play as much Halo 5 Beta as possible. I had hopes of hitting SR38 before the beta ended. That hope DIED a miserable death when I tried to play for more than SEVEN hours. In all of that time I was only connected to 17 games… Of those only TWO were complete, the rest had crashed on me.

Now, before any of you say it was my connection, I’ll tell you why it wasn’t.

First, my wife works from home. Because of this, we need to have a VERY good connection. I forget the exact plan with have through Verizon, but it’s NOT a simple household plan, that I can tell you. I believe it’s something like business class.

Anyway, to try and reset things, I not only quit the game. I also tried quitting the game and rebooting my XBOX One. When that didn’t work, I tried quitting the game, turning off and unplugging my XBOX One, rebooted my router, waited for that to come back, replugged the One, rebooted it and restarted the beta…all to no avail. The damn thing just kept crashing on me. Several games when I was within 2-3 kills of the game being complete. One in fact I ha just got the final kill shot! Only to have it crash before experience was awarded.

I tried and tried. Not only because I wanted to get to SR38, but to have as much time in the beta to give the best feedback as possible for my post-beta review.

That will still happen, but there are 7 hours that were wasted by connection issues that I can only attribute to the beta and/or the One itself.

I’ll try BRIEFLY today to play. If it still crashes, then I’ll just have to call the beta over for me and start my post-beta review write-up.

BTW, the post-beta review will be a multipart review. I had hoped to have it all in one write-up, but I know it’s going to be a bit long. SO rather than bore you all with a HUGE wall of text, I’m deciding to break it down into smaller more manageable chunks.

These parts will also be forwarded on to 343. Specifically to those I know in person. And yes, I’ll repost those on the Waypoint forums as well.

My hope with those reviews is that 343 will take them seriously. I have every plan on writing them fairly and just due criticism and praises.

Look for those to start either later today (Sunday) or tomorrow, depending on my being able to connect to the beta today…

Oh, and I should add that responses will not be posted for those post-beta reviews. If you folks want to make your opinions noted for the beta, I HIGHLY suggest you do so on the Waypoint forums where they will be read by 343 folks. Search for the Halo 5 Beta feedback thread.


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2 thoughts on “So….7+ hours wasted on the Halo 5 Beta…

  1. I had some trouble today with the beta, kept getting server issues. I assumed it was my connection tho.. Horrible Aussie internet. gave up after 5 minutes lol.

    Loving AR starts.. people actually use the pistol. During the week of BR’s don’t think i saw a single magnum. Dont care what anyone says about how BR’s are a good load out, ill disagree because it just doesn’t feel as good. I love BR’s, but i rather find them.

  2. Wow Sal, that just sucks.

    I’ll be looking forward to the review though. 🙂

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