New York Toy Fair Halo Review: Mega Bloks figures, Figures and more FIGURES!

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Mega Bloks is widely known for it’s expertly sculpted and very well articulated micro action figures. This year, we are getting PLENTY. They come in Multi-packs, Weapons Packs as well as the traditional Blind packs. There’s a lot of good figs coming from Mega Bloks this year, so let’s get to the pics!

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Let’s start with the multi-packs. Before I go further, let me say that I do know the names of these sets, but was asked not to reveal them. People on other sites have posted what they think they are. I won’t confirm any of those guesses. Besides, names of sets could change between now and when the sets actually release near fall this year.

Multi-packs. These sets sell on average for $15.

Okay, here we go. This ‘Arctic’ squad is virtually the same as Fireteam Sierra. The only difference is the color of the parts. For those that want to build up a cold weather gear army, this set is certainly for you. I am slightly perplexed by the tan weapons crate though.Arctic Squad
In this set you get a standard marine, an officer marine and two ‘space’ marines. That’s the title for that type of helmeted marine, though of course these won’t be serving the UNSC in space with those uniforms.Arctic Squad2
Next is a Desert Squad of Spartans. Similar again to Fireteam Eagle, with exception of color, the light speckling of the armor gives these Spartans a good battle worn look. Desert Squad
In this set you get the following Spartan armors: Enforcer, Soldier, Orbital and I believe the last one is an Aviator Spartan. Desert Squad2
The Jungle Squad is SURE to be a great seller. Not only are the Spartan the ever popular green color armor, but we are finally getting a Wolf-Spider turret. Fans have been asking for that for awhile now. I foresee multiple purchase by many Mega Bloks fans out there!Jungle Squad
In this set you get the following Spartans: Warrior, Recruit,  Enforcer, and Soldier.
Jungle Squad2
Next is a Promethean squad. This one is a bit surprising as it includes a Promethean Knight. I asked the rep if in the next Promethean set would they please include the standard knight. Those were the most plentiful in Halo 4 and I (and some of you I’m sure) would like to have a couple more of those, without having to track down the Cauldron Clash set.Promethean Squad
You get a Watcher, Crawler, Alpha Crawler, Lancer Knight, and hmm, what is that Forerunner construct?Promethean Squad2
BTW, that isn’t orange you see, it’s red. So these are slight variants. Still, I’ll take ’em!Promethean Squad3

Now let’s move on to the weapons packs. If prices hold steady, these should run between $6-8 depending on where you buy them from.Covie Weapons pack 1
Once again another blue Storm Elite. This is freakin’ AWESOME! I’ll be able to army build those guys up pretty quick, just by getting one of each set. Nice to see the Plasma Repeater. That’s a rarely used weapon mold for Mega Bloks. Covie Weapons pack 1-2
Being able to get another Halo 4 styled Jackal is something we fans have been asking for. And, we’re getting it in this set. I do like that µeta is including two different colored shields.

Here is a Covenant customizer set. IIRC, these both will be in the same set, but don’t quote me on that. Prices for customizer sets are between $8-10.
As if you didn’t need any more proof that we are getting removable armor for Elites, these two should cement that for you. I like the new Covenant styled armor crates. Gotta get me a few of those. They’ll look great in a diorama as filler and background pieces.Covie Weapons pack 2
This next one I’m really excited for as I love this paint color for the Covenant. I mentioned to the rep that I’d like to see this in white and orange. Why? Well, while the armor is slightly different, Elite Rangers in Halo Reach were white…with exception to that sneaky Orange one that you could find if you progressed through missions quick enough.
Covie Weapons pack 2-2

And finally, here is Series Charlie. This eerie comes with 8 figures, one of which has a variant of itself, and two chase figures.

Below is a Green Gungnir (Reach style), Crimson Storm Elite, Yellow (more like mustard) Storm GruntSeries Charlie 1
Next are a Dark Blue Orbital Spartan (nice visor color!), Arctic Marine Pilot (happy to get extras of this one!) and an Orange Centurion Spartan (Halo 5 armor).Series Charlie 2
Here we have below a Cyan Soldier Spartan and a pair of Jackals. Those Jackals follow along with the theme of the partial Active Camo Brutes from a previous series.Series Charlie 3
And finally the two chase figures. A green translucent HAZOP Spartan and a smoke translucent ‘Emile’. This is the first time we’ll get a named figure in the blind packs as a transparent figure. (I’m not including the Spartan Mark V as that could be any number of Spartans and not specifically Master Chief.)Series Charlie 4This will be a relatively easy series for me as only one is an army builder for me, that being the Arctic Pilot.

No word on which are the rates and ultra. I’m going to guess that the Orange Centurion will be the Ultra. I hope like heck it’s NOT the Arctic Pilot…



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16 thoughts on “New York Toy Fair Halo Review: Mega Bloks figures, Figures and more FIGURES!

  1. I’m hoping the fireteams stay around the same price, especially since they have one less figure. Disturbingly however my local Wal-Mart has raised prices. I bought Crimson and Venom for about $16 each….just spotted Eagle and Sierra for $22.

    • Ouch. I don’t want to pay over $20 for the fire team sets. I like them, but that’s getting a bit expensive.

    • You paid $22 at a Walmart? I just bought them both for $14.97 each at my Walmart yesterday

  2. The red storm elite from Series Charlie wouldn’t be an army builder for you? I agree with the pilot being one, but I definitely plan to snatch up a bunch of the red elites too!

    • Maybe. I tend to army build game accurate figs. I might… (Thanks for putting that into my head now. My wife doesn’t like you, LOL.)

  3. Oooooo, awesome stuff! I can’t tell you how much I love those new elites!

    I also see me a concussion rifle with that silver ranger!

    As for series charlie, I would think that those jackals are the ultra-rare figs, like the alpha stalkers.

    And those marine and promethean battle packs are a multiple-buy for sure!

    I’m excited for these sets!

  4. I’m thinking the Promethean set is related to Halo 5. You have that strange construct (never seen before) and the Promethean squad has red highlights which could be significant (in Halo 4 we had blue (Librarian controlled) and orange (Didact controlled) Prometheans so it might signify a new enemy in control of the Prometheans).

    The Covenant weapon packs are awesome. Fans can finally be able to really fill up their army with regular Elites and Jackals. Jackals used to be somewhat hard to get. Now I hope Mega Bloks release a Grunt weapon pack (with two grunts replacing the figure) or have a Grunt squad set so we can build up our Grunt forces as well! (Seriously though, Grunts are the most common Covenant enemy and we don’t get many of them in sets)

    I agree with you that we should get some white Halo: Reach Elite Rangers. And BOB (the yellow/gold Elite Ranger you may encounter)!

    • Funny you should mention a Grunt squad set. I specifically mentioned this idea to the Mega Brands reps.

  5. I don’t care how hard I have to search for the brown active camo Emile, but I will find him and I will love him!

    • LOL and I agree! (If you are lucky enough to find a second one, please keep me in mind.)

  6. isnt it werid how each game the UNSC start looking more like regular troops. and in Mega blok world they start looking like cod people? has anybody else notice that?

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