Dark Horse comics, Halo ships!

This was part of my coverage for New York Toy Fair. However, I held on to this as I was waiting on some official info from Dark Horse themselves for the product.

So here now are the ships that Dark Horse will be making available later this year and moving forward.

As you can see, the first three ships to be made are a UNSC Pelican, a Covenant CCS Cruiser and the UNSC Infinity.
DarkHorse display of 3-1

Straight from a source within Darkhorse I got the following measurements for each ship. The Pelican is 6″ long, the Infinity is 9″ long, and the CovenantCCS Cruiser is 7″ long. I’m told we’ll learn more in a few months with respect to exact pricing, release dates and so on.DarkHorse display of 3-2
For now, I was told that pricing will likely be around $30-50 for each. This depending on various things, like paint detail, colors, and such.DarkHorse display of 3-3 rear

The Pelican is pretty cool. As this is and the other two are early models, paint and detailing may differ from final release.DarkHorse Pelican top
For now, what I see of the detail of the sculpt is looking pretty darn good!DarkHorse Pelican side
DarkHorse Pelican side-under

Speaking of paint before, the CCS Cruiser was hot off the mold )so to speak) so it wasn’t painted in time for display at New York Toy Fair. So what you are seeing is the model without any color applied. DarkHorse Pelican-CCS front
DarkHorse Pelican-CCS back
I expect the color to be purple of course. But will it be the warmer red-purple or the cooler blue-purple? Again, we’ll know in a few months.DarkHorse CCS side
In the meantime, just look at that detail! This is going to be a fantastic collectible!DarkHorse CCS side detail

Early paint of the UNSC Infinity.DarkHorse Infinity side
Again, the sculpt and detail is amazing. Very fine lines all over the model.DarkHorse Infinity rear
DarkHorse Infinity front

As I get more info about these and any future ships form Dark Horse, you can bet I’ll post it up here on HFFL!


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9 thoughts on “Dark Horse comics, Halo ships!

  1. I’m excited for these. Can’t wait to add them to my collection. Hopefully the final product looks great.

  2. Hmm. They look very VERY nice. But i’m not sure that I will spend $30-$50 on these; it seems a bit pricy for me, especially with all of this other halo merchandise coming out. But if I do get one, you bet it will be that CCS-Cruiser!

    I love covenant ships. 😀

  3. Wow, do those look awesome! The price range seems a little high, but all three look so good it may not really matter. All three might end up finding a way to my shelf!

    • These aren’t the finished products either. So you know they’ll look better, especially the CCS Cruiser.

  4. oh god that is awesome, u don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for halo ships that weren’t custom or mega bloks

  5. I don’t know. They look pretty cool but like others have noted, they are a bit pricey for what they are. The prices would seem better if the vehicles were die-cast but they’re not; they’re just plastic. Looks like I’ll be skipping this line of Halo collectibles/toys unless I see them on sale or something.

    • They are resin, not plastic. Bit of a difference there. Doutbful you’ll see these on sale anywhere. They won’t be at mass market retailers. this is a comic book store/online type of product line.

      • I see. Guess I won’t be buying any of them. I was interested, but like I said, the prices (which may be normal for this kind of thing, I don’t know) are just too high for me. I could buy them if I really wanted to but there’s a lot of things that my money could be better spent on. I actually haven’t bought any Halo products for quite some time now, besides the occasional Mega Bloks set.

      • Understandable. There is a LOT of Halo product out there. Thankfully it’s so varied in price that there is something out there for every Halo fan!

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