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As many of you know, my wife and I have been going through some rough financial times. With me being unemployed for sometime now, we’re behind in bills. However, that’s not what I’m asking help for.

You may recall that I’ve mentioned about my home’s main water pipe busting. After looking at a few plumbers, we found one that will replace the pipe and do the restoration work. However, that will cost us more than $11K. We will be able to get $1,300 from the insurance company. (They won’t cover the cost of the pipe replacement, just some of the cost of the restoration work.)

As well, a week ago last Friday, I applied for emergency assistance through the VA (Veteran’s Administration). If I qualify, I might be able to receive up to $1,600 from them. That’s IF I qualify, and I’m not guaranteed that whole amount.

So, with no assistance coming whatsoever (save the possible emergency one above), we are in real need. A friend told me about the website GoFundMe. There people can set up a fund page to help with all sorts of things. This particular needs is one of those things. So I set up a page that people can donate to. Here is the link to it:

Folks, even if all you have is spare change, anything at all will help.

I really don’t know how effective this might be. But I need to try something else beyond what we’ve already tried for.

Please pass this along to your fellow Halo friends, especially if they know my blog. Any funds raised will be put directly to the intended need. In the unlikely event more than what is needed is raised, I will donate the over amount to Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh.

It does shame me to have to ask for help folks. I’m a proud person and don’t like to ask for help. Yes, there is the yearly charity/LAN fundraiser, but that is entirely different as that’s something for fun and charity. What I’m asking here directly impacts my wife and I.

So I come to you with humility and ask for your help.


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  1. Oh my. That bad, eh? You know I would donate but I can’t. Best of luck.

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