HUNTtheTRUTH Episode 7: Who’s Listening

HFFL: Wondering what this pic of a Golden Civilian Warthog is doing here in an article about HUNTtheTRUTH? Have a listen below and you’ll find the answer…tumblr_no5js8GEsk1uokpa1o1_1280

False Advertising
I couldn’t believe my ears. From hocking Hogs on Ganymede to shilling fake stories about the Master Chief, Walker’s taken us all for a ride.

HFFL: In this episode of HUNTtheTRUTH, Ben Giraud finally gets the answer he’s been looking for, but is it one he really wants to know? This episode paints a new picture on the start of the Spartan program. What about the clones? 

Have a listen to over 18 minutes of ONI deceit, an ODST’s retribution, and a reporter’s revelation:

      Episode 07. WHO'S LISTENING - Keegan-Michael Key

For those of you, like me, who are steeped in the lore of Halo, this isn’t news to us. But one thing I had never really thought about before was the pain that those clone kids went through. Their fragile young lives were only made to be destroyed. That is tragic, even if the outcome was the likes of Master Chief and company.

Gah, I almost forgot to put this in completely! What if Pharaoh is actually either Halsey or better yet, Cortana reborn? It would be much easier for Cortana to infiltrate ONI/Gov’t than Halsey. I’m still not 100% on Cortana having ‘died’. When she says ‘most of me is down there’, I think she was referring to herself as downloading herself into earthbound servers. There is no ‘down’ in space. And we just can’t expect that Cortana would use that phrase incorrectly, rampant or not. Ok, there’s my mind running wild with conjecture again, LOL.


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  1. Completely agree, I also hadn’t thought of the clone kids that way up till this point. I think the episode delivers on its intent in painting Oni to be liars and in some way monsters. Really enjoyed that episode!

  2. I know HtT is mainly to hype the game. But I find myself impatiently waiting for the next one. Everytime I look at this article I can’t help wasn’t wish I had a framed poster of that picture

    • You can always save the file and print it out. Maybe notes good as a poster, but it’s something.

      • I’ve thought about trying to print it out at work on the poster printer but they tend to frown on copy right material.

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