Mega Bloks Review: Space Banshee set #97010

Orbital Space Banshee: Set number 97010

Build Time: 5 minutes sorting, 15 minutes build. Total 20 minutes.

Set Piece count: 204
Minifigs, Weapons and Accessories: Silver Flight Elite w/Standard Elite head extra, Orange EVA Spartan; Rocket Launcher, Focus Rifle
Special Features: Opening and Closing Cockpit hatch, Turret pivots sideways and guns pivot up and down.
Dimensions: Banshee H 2.5″  W 8″  L 7.25″  / Turret H 2.5″  W 4.75″ L 4/75″ / Banshee Stand H 1.75″ W 1.25″ L 1.75″
Price/Value: $22US

The set has 204 pieces. Roughly 60% of the build goes to the Banshee while the rest to the turret. This is an AWESOME set. It is by far much better than any of the previous Banshee builds MEGA has done before. Those were regular Banshees while this is the Space version. I do hope that the regular version gets this treatment in the future. I’ll buy a few of them and turn my older versions into custom builds. I had a lot of fun building this set. Truth be told I wasn’t much a fan of the banshee before this. I thought I wanted the set purely for the UNSC turret that comes with it. However, after having built it, I have to say again that the Banshee is awesome. Sleek, bigger, sexier…er um ignore that last adjective… Check out the pics below for more discussion on the build.

Click on images to see a larger version.

The beautiful box art. Loving the new Master Chief Armor.

What you get inside:

The pieces sorted out. (I find it important to do this for all but the smallest sets.)

The turret in steps. One thing to note in the upper right corner is that step 6 incorrectly shows how the pieces go together. So pay attention to that step. It’s easy enough to figure out, but it doesn’t hurt to be warned ahead of time.

The Banshee starts to take shape:

Next comes the wing assembly:

The cockpit assembly and finished model:

This comes with a great little clear stand to place the Banshee on so it looks like it’s in flight or at least hovering:

The minifigs and the weapons in the set:

MEGA is great about giving us extra pieces. Here is what I had left:

I always try to make some sort of mini vehicle out of what’s left. If possible I try to make a small version of what the set is. Sometimes there just isn’t enough of the right parts to do so. That was the case here:

Summary: A great small set, with fast building time and great bloks to make an accurate build. This set is worth every bit of the $22 it asks for. I hope to get at least 3 more of the turrets for a diorama and one more of the banshee. So it anyone doesn’t want their turret from their set, e-mail me and let’s work something out:

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 medals. This set really is worth the full 5 medals. From start to finish it is a great model.

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