XBOX E3 Hype vid w/Special Appearance by Master Chief.

Get ready cause the hype is REAL!

In a little over a week, E3 2015 will finally be upon us! And with that of course will be more news and info regarding my favorite franchise, Halo!

At bottom is a video from XBOX prepping us for what’s to come. However, before you watch the whole vid, just take a second and look at this frame from 58 seconds in:


Yep, that is a very young John (aka Master Chief) standing in front of Chief Mendez and Dr. Catherine Halsey. Hmm… Now why do you suppose this is in the presentation?

Okay, now that that has whet your appetite for more Halo, check out the vid below.

The wait seems excruciatingly long now. But it will be here soon enough. The hard part is seeing it and knowing we won’t be able to play it for a few more months!

Credit to my bud Rythmic Warrior for passing the intel on to me.


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2 thoughts on “XBOX E3 Hype vid w/Special Appearance by Master Chief.

  1. E3! E3! E3! E3!

    I never imagined Mendez’s office that way, but I do like that representation. What do you think of it Sal?

    • Well, considering they are on Reach and that was the military HQ, I can see his office like that. Though I had pictured it grittier than that. It’s a bit too clean, IMO. I am surprised to see that he is wearing under armor very similar to Spartans and that young John has similar armor. Especially so, considering Mjolnir armor wasn’t anywhere near ready for them to use. ODST’s don’t use that kind of under armor, no do Marines. Regardless, I like that shot in there and can’t wait for what the explanation of it will be.

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