E3 Halo expectations and wild conjecture!

My expectation is Halo Wars 2.

This has been only slightly hinted at by the current head of XBOX. If we do get a Halo Wars 2. I hope that it’s more like the E3 Demo vid that I posted the other day. The bases are modular instead of standardized to one play space.

Since the original was earlier on in the Human-Covenant War, there are PLENTY more battles that can be shown and of course all new ones made up for this specific game.

My outlandish guess? ODST 2. At the end, Buck and Romeo get the Spartan upgrades. 

ODST 2 would have a similar set up as in open world. However, the ‘world’ would be a starship. To go to missions, you proceed to a different drop pod for insertion to another place. Missions aboard the Starship could be to find clues of a secret plan. No enemies to fight on the starship though. Instead you have MULTIPLAYER! Similar to the UNSC Infinity’s War Games. Now you fight against other ODSTs for training.

Aboard the starship, you could go to firearms training to get more accurate with certain weapons. As well, there could be an armor upgrade bay. Nothing to change armor specs, just visual changes. As well, during the missions away from the Starship, you find things integral to solving the secret plan. Those are stored in your ‘Locker’ that you can then check back on later.

The idea to me of being able to go anywhere within a starship is something I’ve wanted to see done in Halo for awhile. Halo 4 only gave us so much of that with campaign and Spartan Ops. I want MORE!

So what do you folks think? What do you expect to see and what would be your wild outlandish guess for Halo?


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4 thoughts on “E3 Halo expectations and wild conjecture!

  1. Halo Wars 2 is also my expectation.

    But I really don’t have any crazy ideas. I do like the sound of your’s though! Freely traversing a ship would be spectacular!

  2. I don’t think we will see any new Halo games being announced but I would love to be proved wrong.

    I doubt we will get a sequel to Halo 3: ODST especially after the release of New Blood. Even if we do, I don’t think a lot of your ideas would be in the game. I mean your ideas sound cool but I don’t think 343i would do all that work for a spin-off game.

  3. I would love to see something like Star Wars Battlefront 2, but Halo. Being able to launch a broadsword from a frigate would be awesome. But I like your ODST idea better, picking your drop pod for each mission.

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