Halo Mega Bloks San Diego Comicon Exclusive revealed!

The Halo Mega Bloks 2015 San Diego Comicon set has now been fully revealed!


This is definitely than the last couple of years, when it was just one figure in a packet.

Now for those that can’t make it to Comicon, (myself included), do not completely fret over not being able to get this. The good news is that the figures themselves will be available in other sets coming this year. Chief and Arby come with a Warthof and Locke comes with the Vulture. Both sets I highlighted here back during,y trip to New York Toy Fair.

The color of the paint my be different from this exclusive, but the figures are the same molds. As for the base upon which these stands, depending on what sets you have, you may be able to make this yourself, or something fairly close.

The price for this is $20. That’s great for an exclusive.  Too bad it’s already sold out now. 🙁

What’s worse is that it’s already on eBay for pre-sale for between $50-$70. Outrageous!!

So what do you think of this years exclusive? I know I’d love to have a set. I also know that I won’t be buying this from people who will undoubtedly scalp this on eBay for big dollars.


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8 thoughts on “Halo Mega Bloks San Diego Comicon Exclusive revealed!

  1. I would like to have this also. But I’m willing to wait along time to snag one off of eBay for what i feel is a reasonable price.

      • Reasonable to me would be $30-$35 shipped. I know I will have to he vigilant and patient to get it at that price though. Hopefully some will show up on the website after sdcc.

      • So they just announced an “after party” sale for this on 7/27 that should make easier to get and hopefully control eBay prices

      • Maybe. You’ll have to be QUICK. And don’t forget to register at MattyCollector.com before hand.

  2. Thank goodness that the SDCC excluive is a fancier release of figs that we’ll be getting soon!

    Even though I would LOVE to pick up a set! I won’t though, as the undoubtedly high price that will charged on Ebay is just not worth it…….

  3. There’s already a listing up unfortunately. http://m.ebay.ca/itm/161729113793. Going for $50 already. Pre-order is for $20, so it a 150% price increase. And for that we could buy the Gausshog, and have some left to use toward a Vulture.

    • Yeah, a few days before it was fully revealed, there were listings from $50-70. I can’t tell you how much that bothers me. It’s price gouging. In many places that’s illegal. I know I can’t stop others from doing the practice of scalping. I just hope the will be blacklisted (especially if they are collectors themselves) by the collecting community for taking advantage over other fans.

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