E3 Halo 5 Guardians news!

Okay folks, you’ve waited long enough. Now we finally can talk about what is coming for Halo 5 Guardians.

First up, the campaign.
We already know about Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris.

We now see that not only will the fight be taken to Covenant worlds and that the Arbiter is at the forefront with that.

You will also be able to command your AI teammates. Have them lock on to an enemy or revive a fellow teammate, and MORE!

Not only have we already been introduced to the Promethean Soldier, we now know there are variants of them. A Promethean Captain will grace our crosshairs!

Looks as though we’re going to be able to board the massive 4,635ft tall Guardians themselves! Hmm, what wonders await us inside??

New game mode announced: War Zone!

Take a look:

24 PvP and versus AI?! WOW!!! With 4X the playable space than has been seen in other maps, this is going to be HUGE on all counts!!!

I’ll update this article as I get more info from E3.

UPDATE! There will be ‘bosses’ who will spawn in on War Zone matches. These could be Elite’s with Banshee’s, Hunters, Promethean Soliders and more. They are worth big points in War Zone.

There are a two main ways to win in War Zone.  Either be the first team to get to 1000 points OR blow up the other team’s core.

So what we have here is a slayer AND objective based game, WITH Enemy AI as well. This is Everything in one package of multiplayer!

Now beyond this was a piece of news regarding how to get weapons and vehicles into the game. 343 is introducing a new thing called ‘Requisition Cards’. You earn these through the game. The more you earn, the better things you can request. So besides just weapons, you could potentially call in a Scorpion, if you have enough ‘Req’. There are also some items that are purely cosmetic. That wasn’t explained too much other than to say those cosmetic things would also carry over into regular matchmaking.


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4 thoughts on “E3 Halo 5 Guardians news!

  1. Campaign: Not much to say. Looks great. The Promethean Soldiers seem kinda weak though (too easy to kill). The new Covenant weapon is intriguing. And why is the Arbiter helping Locke find the Chief? Was there a reason why? I forgot.

    War Zone: Looks…interesting. I’m worried that matches will take too long or be too chaotic.

    • Actually, the Arbiter isn’t helping Locke. He happened to be going to the same planet where Chief could be found. He only mentions it to Locke that Chief can be found there. It’s not like the Arbiter is actively looking for Chief. Arby has his on war to finish against the Covenant Remnant.

  2. The campaign is looking amazing as always. The Guardian looks phenomenal! The ending of that demo though………

    And Warzone looks to be an absolute blast!

    • I can’t wait to get into War Zone. I hope there is a lot of forge capability with that. Specifically, I’m hoping we can set up AI battles. Like a custom Firefight match!!

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