Halo 5 Official Images: Character Renders

Halo5-Logo-RGBYou want Halo 5 Guardians images? Well, HFFL has got them for you!

Here’s a look a Character renders in Halo 5 Guardians! 38 images!

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Before we get to main characters, let’s take a look at multiplayer renders first:

These first two are the blue and red versions of the new ‘Breaker’ armor.

H5-Guardians-Render-Breaker-Blue-png H5-Guardians-Render-Breaker-Red-png

And this one should look quite familiar. It’s called ‘Noble’ and is a direct descendant of Carter’s armor from Halo Reach. I know I’ll be rocking’ this armor at some point in my Halo 5 career!H5-Guardians-Render-Noble-Red-png H5-Guardians-Render-Noble-Blue-png

One NPC is Halsey:


A look at some of the Covies and Prometheans we’ll be facing both in Campaign and War Zone:

H5-Guardians-Render-Elite-png H5-Guardians-Render-Jackal-png

Dos this Grunt look vicious or what?! (And he and the rest of the Covie will be back to speaking English!!!) I suppose they will be speaking other native human languages in the countries Halo 5 Guardians will be sold in. Though again, don’t quote me join that.H5-Guardians-Render-Grunt-png

This Promethean Solider looks B.A.!H5-Guardians-Render-Soldier-png

Even more B.A. is the Promethean Warden. And what is that weapon he’s carrying? HmmmmH5-Guardians-Render-Warden-png

Okay, NOW let’s look at character renders. First up, Fireteam Osiris:

Buck. I don’t know about you, but I am SOOOO glad Buck is back in Halo. The render looks just like Nathan Fillion and of course he lends his voice to the character!



Gotta admit, that armor is freakin’ AWESOME looking. H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-pngH5-Guardians-Render-Locke-07-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-06-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-05-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-04-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-03-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-02-png H5-Guardians-Render-Locke-01-png

Here’s the recently revealed Tanaka:H5-Guardians-Render-Tanaka-Head-pngH5-Guardians-Render-Tanaka-png

And the newly revealed Vale:H5-Guardians-Render-Vale-Head-pngH5-Guardians-Render-Vale-png

Now let’s move on to some REAL Spartans! LOL Blue Team!

Our glorious hero, Master Chief!H5-Guardians-Render-The-Master-Chief-png

Fred looking great in his Centurian armorH5-Guardians-Render-Fred-png

Kelly, the quickest one in the bunch!H5-Guardians-Render-Kelly-png

And Linda, the sharp eyed sniper!H5-Guardians-Render-Linda-png

Some more of the Chief:H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-01-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-02-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-03-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-08-pngH5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-07-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-06-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-05-png H5-Guardians-Render-MasterChief-04-pngWhew, just posting me has me salivating to play Halo 5 Guardians!!!


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