Steven Spielberg’s Halo TV Show is STILL Happening!

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We haven’t heard much about Steven Spielberg’s Halo digital TV show in a long time, and it was nowhere to be seen during Microsoft’s E3 2015 briefing this week. But that doesn’t mean the project is canceled.

“We still are working on it,” [Bonnie] Ross told GameSpot this afternoon. “But nothing to announce at this point.”

Though Ross didn’t go into specifics about when we may finally learn more, she did provide a general overview for how Microsoft approaches transmedia projects.

“The goal with all transmedia…we think transmedia and experiencing things across different mediums creates a more rich experience,” she said. “But we’re well aware it needs to stand alone.”

The Halo show was announced in May 2013 as part of the Xbox One reveal event. We still don’t know much about it, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said before that the show won’t just be “filler.”

After production house Xbox Entertainment Studios shut down last year, the fate of the project was called into question. But Microsoft quickly stepped in to say the show would not be affected.

Before that, reports suggested that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp may direct the pilot, and that Microsoft was attempting to bring the program to Showtime.

HFFL: Hmm, this seems to be taking a LOT longer than it should though to get any real news from. Not even a trailer yet. I’d be shocked (somewhat) if it came out this year. Though, I don’t want the tv show to be rushed to get it out of the door. I’d rather wait and watch a quality product than something thrown together just to get it on the air.

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  1. There really is a lack of news on this show isn’t there? While it isn’t canceled (yet), has 343i even started filming?

    • No official word on that. It is a bit disappointing though. Definitely expected some news before now. Could be trouble with the contract with the cable station?

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