McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians series 1 figures revealed!

Previously, I revealed three of the figures from the first wave of McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians action figures, Locke, Chief and the MP Athlon Spartan.

Now I’m happy to reveal the complete series 1 figures. This was confirmed by James Monosmith of 343.

Below we have from left to right:

Multiplayer Athlon Spartan, Fred, Kelly, Master Chief, Locke, and Tanaka.


So I bet you’re asking yourself, where are Linda, Buck and Vale? While I can’t speak with assuredness, it seems likely those three might appear in a later series. As soon as series two?

That certainly is my hope, along with the new Golden Armored Arbiter, Halsey and finally Lasky, who was supposed to be in one of the Halo 4 figure series.

So what do you think about the choice of figures for this first wave of Halo 5 Guardians figures from McFarlane Toys?

I’m pretty stoked. I’m also glad to see that McF didn’t shy away from female characters. We’re getting TWO of them in this series!

Look for these this fall!


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3 thoughts on “McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians series 1 figures revealed!

  1. This is a beautiful series, they are all a must buy, my wallet is going to be hurting come this fall. I hope that play arts does kai figures with blue team and fireteam Osiris.

  2. Interesting choice of figures. I don’t think the Athlon Spartan is going to sell as well as the other figures. I also wonder why they decided to make a figure of Tanaka first before Buck. Buck is more well-known and is a fan-favorite. And is there any difference between the Halo 4 and Halo 5 Master Chief figures?

    • Athlon will sell just fine. It’s a brand new armor and was well received during the beta. As for Buck, they have to hold back some of the sure fire winners to make sure the next series will do well. If McFarlane put only the most popular characters in one series, then the next series that has just support characters will seem a bit bland or unappealing. This is pretty typical of toy marketing though.

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