Halo Cosplay and the 405th!

I like cosplay. I’ve been known to wear costumes to conventions (and elsewhere) myself. Though not as extreme as many out there. I always admire those who have the time to build elaborate costumes, especially those of Halo Spartans. Below are a couple of pics I came across over the weekend. And at the end, some pics of a Spartan Locke Helmet in progress by a member of the 405th (Halo Cosplay group).

Below is from a recent convention. Love the variety of armor as well as color!Spartans

This one is form the Seattle launch of the Master Chief collection at the Microsoft store. Mini Chief is there along with Teen Chief, Young Adult Chief and Grown Up Chief.Master Chief Heights

Now folks, take a few minutes and really soak in the detail here. This is an exquisite example of fine cosplay. Even though it’s not yet finished, you can see everything you need to here, with regards to the sculpt of the helmet.Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 1 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 2JPG Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 3 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 4 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 5 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 6 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 7 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 8 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 9 Spartan Locke Helmet WIP 10If you would like to get into Halo Cosplay, specifically Spartans, check out the 405th!

Not only will you find a good group of cosplayers, but a great group of people as well!



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2 thoughts on “Halo Cosplay and the 405th!

  1. The 405th are awesome! I love their stuff!

    Even though I know next to nothing about building these suits, make myself some spartan armor is something that I would love to do someday.

    • I hear ya. My issues isn’t the making of it for myself. I know I could do that. It’s having the body for it. I’m too short and too fat…LOL.

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