Incorrect date of Chief’s ‘death’ explained

Well, it seems ONI is capable of making mistakes.

Here’s a letter from Commander Michael ‘Sully’ Sullivan to Admiral Osman explaining the error and the correction to it.


ONI’s swift decisions for failures are nothing short of amazing. That Sully sure turned out to be a grade-‘A’ arse.


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1 thought on “Incorrect date of Chief’s ‘death’ explained

  1. I really love HuntTheTruth. I think 343 has done a great job with it and keep us wanting more each week. I have always thought that Halo 3’s “Believe” campaign was the best one I seen for a game. However with what 343 is doing now they could very well surpass that.

    I will admit I didn’t catch the date “mistake” in the ad but this as a follow up was brilliant. I will admit I don’t like Sully at all (he seems a far cry from the boy at Corbulo who went running after Dimah asking if she told her mom about him) and would love to see him ejected out an airlock.

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