Halo 5 Guardians Achievement list (Potential Spoilers!)

343 has released the achievements list for Halo 5 Guardians. There are a total of 65 cheevos for 1000 gamerscore.

The types of achievements range from Campaign to Multiplayer to Customization and more.

Be forewarned, the list below may contain potential spoilers, so read at your on risk.


First up are cheevos for completing campaign missions. The first 15 just for completing them, while the rest in this section for completing them in certain difficulties, one with some skulls on.

Into the Fire (10) – Complete Mission 1.
Argent Moon (10) – Complete Mission 2.
Glasslands (10) – Complete Mission 3.
Roots of the Earth (10) – Complete Mission 4.
Stolen Gauntlet (10) – Complete Mission 5.
Escape (10) – Complete Mission 6.
Together Again (10) – Complete Mission 7.
Swords (10) – Complete Mission 8.
Old Bones (10) – Complete Mission 9.
Breakthrough (10) – Complete Mission 10.
Stormbound (10) – Complete Mission 11.
Civil War (10) – Complete Mission 12.
Reclamation (10) – Complete Mission 13.
A New Dawn (10) – Complete Mission 14.
Sentinels (10) – Complete Mission 15.
Legacy (10) – Complete every Mission of the game on Normal difficulty.
Heroes Rise (40) – Complete every Mission of the game on Heroic difficulty.
Forging a Legend (60) – Complete every Mission of the game on Legendary difficulty.
Lone Wolf (100) – Complete every Mission of the game on Legendary difficulty, by yourself.
My Rules (20) – Complete any Mission on Heroic with 3+ Skulls active.
One for All (10) – Complete any co-op Mission on Heroic difficulty.
All for One (40) – Complete every co-op Mission on Heroic difficulty.

Next up are achievements you will get by claiming things in the campaign.

Conspiracy Theory (10) – Find and claim one piece of Intel.
Hunt the Truth (40) – Find and claim all Intel.
Gravedigger (10) – Find and claim a Skull.
Gravelord (40) – Find and claim all Skulls.

The following list are achievements for specific missions. Pay attention as some require either certain difficulties or done while in co-op campaign.

Your Team is Your Weapon (10) – Command your team of Spartans in Osiris.
Enemy of my Enemy (10) – Help the Elite General charge the hill in Osiris on Heroic difficulty.
I Thought I’d Lost You (10) – Escape the Hunters in the lab and fight them in the hangar in Blue Team.
On My Mark (10) – Simultaneously Assassinate two Elites in Blue Team co-op.
Going the Distance (10) – Complete Glassed without entering a vehicle.
Shoot from the Hip (10) – Complete Glassed co-op without any players using Smart-Link.
Waiting on You (10) – Kill an enemy that’s had its armor repaired in Unconfirmed.
Maverick (10) – Team up in a vehicle to kill 30 enemies in Unconfirmed co-op.
Savior (10) – Keep 6 miners alive at the elevator in Evacuation on Heroic difficulty.
Fire Drill (10) – Finish Evacuation within 18:00 without dying on Heroic difficulty.
Take a Hike (10) – Traverse the canyon in Reunion without a Phaeton on Heroic difficulty.
No Witnesses (10) – Destroy the Phantom at the Covenant camp in Reunion on Heroic difficulty.
No Knock Raid (10) – Destroy 10 walls or floors in Swords of Sanghelios.
Preying Mantis (10) – Complete Swords of Sanghelios co-op with both Mantises on Heroic difficulty.
Kraken Lackin’ (10) – Complete Enemy Lines without destroying a Kraken turret.
Emergency Boarding Procedures (10) – Escape the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan.
Death from Above (10) – Kill a Grunt and smash a grate with a Ground Pound in Battle of Sunaion.
Worms Don’t Surf (10) – Knock two Hunters into the ocean during the Battle of Sunaion.
Tank Still Beats Everything (10) – Finish the 13th mission without losing the Scorpion on Legendary difficulty.
Rolling Thunder (10) – Operate four different vehicles at once in Mission 13 on Heroic difficulty.
Harbinger (10) – Complete The Breaking on Legendary difficulty without the entire fireteam dying.
Prison Break (10) – Simultaneously kill two Wardens in The Breaking on Heroic difficulty.
Icy Cool (10) – Ground Pound an exterior power core in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.
Double Stuff (10) – Simultaneously destroy 2 cores in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.

Multiplayer achievements range from matchmade (Arena) games to Warzone, to REQ/REQ Packs.

Cry Havoc (10) – Complete 3 Warzone matchmade games.
Bringing in the Big Guns (10) – Call in a REQ that costs 5 Energy or more.
Go for the Gold (10) – Open a Gold REQ Pack.
Top of the Food Chain (30) – Kill a Warzone Legendary Boss.
Warlord (20) – Win a match on the three original Warzone maps.
Castle Crasher (20) – Complete 5 Stronghold matchmade games.
Off to the Races (20) – Complete 5 Breakout matchmade games.
Flag Monger (20) – Complete 5 Capture the Flag matchmade games.
Spartan Decimation (20) – Complete 5 Slayer matchmade games.
Valor Recognized (20) – Qualify for a Competitive Skill Rating.

Lastly are some that you can get by customizing your spartan, with exception to the last one, which is to spectate a game.

Your Style (10) – Change your Spartan’s gear in the Spartan Hub.
Raise Your Banner (10) – Change your Emblem in the Spartan ID card.
Make Your Mark (10) – Change your Service Tag in the Spartan ID card.
Gamemaster (10) – Create and save a Custom Game Type in War Games.
Benchwarmer (10) – Spectate a game.

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