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The next free update to Halo 5: Guardians arrives next week and with it comes Forge, new Arena and Warzone maps, Seasons and social playlists, brand new REQs, and more. Today, we’re excited to reveal each unlockable REQ. Included are weapons, armor, and emblems you might recognize from past Halo titles, as well as some new additions.

Cartographer’s Gift marks the return of the SPNKr Rocket Launcher – the dual-tubed tool of destruction that comes in 4 flavors. You’ll also notice the full set of Gold Standard weapon skins, which are rather fitting of their Legendary rarity. We hope you’re as excited as we are for Cartographer’s Gift and the wide array of new content it brings to Halo 5. Without further ado, here’s the full REQ reveal of the Cartographer’s Gift update, which we teased in last week’s Halo Community Update.

Join us this Friday at 3 PM PT on Halo Channel and to see the new content – including Forge, new maps, REQs, and more – in action!


HFFL: Oh my gawd, so much Halo greatness!!

Starting of course with Forge. We are in for a real treat here folks! The new mechanics of Forge that have been added are SWEET! I think one of the biggest improvements over previous Forges in Halo is the ability to group item. Now if you want a truly symmetrical map, you only need build one half! Then group, copy and rotate 180°!! I may be mistaken here, so don’t quote me on this, but I think we can even invert items. This would be great if you want to make a map such as Coliseum in Halo 5. It is the same on both sides, just inverted left to right. There is SOOOO much more we could discuss here. But let’s wait excitedly for this to come to us.

Moving on, the SPNKr is back! The two-tube rocket launcher has made a glorious return and many a Halo fan are happy with the news. When we first saw the new design for the rocket launcher during the Beta, lots of folks complained about the design and wanted the classic version back. 343 was courteous enough to do just that. Not only did they bring it back but in FOUR variant color schemes/rarities/power! That SPNKr Prime looks SA-WEET!

We are finally getting the city Warzone map, ‘Battle of Noctus”. I had eluded to this map previously and reblogged the waypoint article about it as well. As an avid Warzone gamer, I’m excited to have a new map and one in this particular setting.

The three Arena maps are also very much welcomed. I don’t know which one I’m most excited about playing on first! They each have some great qualities about them.

Two of the new armors coming to this free DLC are the Mark iV and Raijin. Lots of Halo fans wanted to see the Mark IV make a  return and they got it! The Raijin looks SLEEK! I think I may have found my new favorite armor. The helmet looks awesome, though I’m going to have to see it up close before I decide if I want to replace my Cypher Copiale helmet. (Really like that design)

Now of the new weapon skin… I LOVE IT! I thought I’d NEVER replace the ‘Steel’ skin of the AR. But then this beautiful set came along! As a Pittsburgh native and fan of all the sports teams, Black and Gold runs through my veins. So the Gold Standard skin set is perfect for me!

Those two new stances are cool. The returning rocket launcher will be a favorite. The ‘Tactical Carry’ or weapon down stance harkens back to Halos past when you could lower your weapon.

My but that deep blue toned Pendragon visor looks nice! New variants of armor sets are great.

Next up those emblems! Cones!!! YES! And I know more than a few fellow Spartans out there are extremely happy to have the 0-9 numbered emblems.

And finally, we get the classic BR back. Wow, 343 really is paying homage to Halos of the past. It’s SO refreshing to see them embrace what has come before, rather than try to separate themselves from it.

This is going to be a GREAT DLC to have!

I had already moved up to Gold REQ packs before this as I have all of my Common, Uncommon and Rare REQs (with exception to some visors and emblem). Looks like I’ll be dropping back down to Silver for a bit to pick up the new Uncommons and Rares in the Cartographer’s Gift DLC!

There is definitely more than a little bit of something for every Halo fan in this DLC!!


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