The Halo Bulletin: 8.8.12

The Halo Bulletin: 8.8.12

There is a cool video showcasing weapons form Halo 4. Some we’ve already seen, others we haven’t like the “Saw” and “Railgun.”

One thing to note, there are two version of the video. One with music, one without. I suggest listening to the one without the music to really here the weapons sounds. ON the note of the music, I REALLY hope that isn’t what we are getting for Halo 4. I’m NOT a fan of the “dub-step” style. Well, not for Halo anyway.

There is a nice break-down of the weapons shown with commentary from 343 personalities, most notably Frank O’Conner.

After this there is a long article by Frank O’Conner giving candid thoughts about Halo 4 and his association with Bungie.

The August playlist update may or may not upset you. They (343) are taking away some and rebuilding the lists. Notably, Action Sack is gone, BTB is no TU only, no more Firefight Doubles (Man I’m glad I just finished up my Reach Firefight career).

A custom challenge for beat-downs is laid out to us as well as the Super Jackpot this weekend for playing Griffball (32K credit jackpot).

So go and check out the bulletin, it’s worth the long read!


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