Mega Bloks Toy Review: Versus Snowbound Weapons Pack II set #97043

Versus Snowbound Weapons pack II: Set number 97043

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting, 1 minutes build. Total 2 minutes.

Set Piece count: 23
Minifigs: Blue Marine w/frosted lower legs.
Weapons: Shotgun, Assault Rifle, SMG, 2 grenades
 barrel, power core, radioman backpack
Special Features: N/A

Price/Value: $6 US

The set has 23 pieces. A simple set to be sure, but it packs a lot of goodness in for being a small set. If you’re like me, you love having those small extra scene pieces that really help to flesh dioramas out. The inclusion of the barrel and especially the power core really add to this set. The white camo baseplate if great. I hope MEGA uses this type of baseplate more often (in appropriate colors for whichever set they are in). Since it is easily connected with another like it, you can build a large diorama quickly with them. The snow background on the instructions is a nice touch.

Minifigs run $3 in the blind packs. So that means for this set you’re paying $3 extra for the other stuff. Is it worth it? Heck yeah! As I mentioned, the baseplate is great, you get a nice assortment of weapons as well as some bloks to build into a weapons storage area, plus the barrel, power core and backpack. Totally worth in, IMO.

Here are the pics.
Click on images to see a larger version.

The above image is not my pic and is not labeled as being set II. I hastily opened mine before taking pics of the box….

Summary: A great little set with virtually not build time. Definitely worth the price. I don’t need more of the marine, but definitely want more of everything else in the set. If I get more of this set, I’m up for trading/selling those marines.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 medals!


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