I’m back (with an explanation)

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since a post has been put up. There are reasons for that though.

It started off with me downloading an update for WordPress. Along with that, I had been looking into changing a little bit of the look to the blog. That required me changing some code…. That is where things went wrong….

The update for one really slowed things down for me on the backend of the site. It was taking forever to upload graphics for example.

The big issue came though when I went to change just a few lines of code. I thought I had the right code and in the right place. Nope…. This in effect not only halted me being able to post, but actually shut me out of my site for about 2 weeks. I tried desperately to get help from WordPress and was given so many different answers that I didn’t know which was right or not.

I called up my hosting service and after talking with 6 people finally found someone who was versed in WordPress. He was able to help me get back into my site. For those of you following me on Twitter, you may have seen my post that said blogging would be back to normal. Well, I thought it would have been then… That didn’t happen as planned. I still needed to fix coding. Yikes, this got very frustrating.

Thankfully, over the weekend, I finally got things straight. Had another update to do and was a bit apprehensive about doing that, but I did. So now things are working and I can post again.

My sincere apologies for those of you who look to HFFL for your Halo news. One lesson I’ve learned is to NOT change code.

Anyway, now that things are good, I’m going to be playing catch up for the last month’s worth of Halo news. So forgive me if you’ve already read those bits of news elsewhere.


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