Warzone REQ cost changes!

This is a reblog from HaloWaypoint (along with my commentary in BLUE):


The various teams here at 343 have been monitoring your feedback, as well as carefully studying a variety of match data, and after this evaluation have decided to lower the cost of a small set of weapons. The cost of these weapons was a little high, and we want players to be able to use them more often and without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at the new lowered weapon costs, which we’ve just released in the wild via a service side update.

Carbine: 4 -> 2
Rain of Oblivion: 4 -> 3
Blood of Suban: 5 -> 4

HFFL: While I’ve completed my Carbine commendation, I will definitely look to use the ones I have now. The latest two I still have not used till this point, though I have several. The lowered cost definitely has me interested in using them for sure. Normally I wouldn’t use these as I have plenty other weapons to finish commendations for and need to save up the REQ points in-game to use.


HFFL: Hmm, I am SO close to completing this commendation. Now that we can get this IMMEDIATELY out of the gate at the start of the game and for CHEAP later on, I’ll be grinding this out until I have that commendation complete.

BOLT SHOT: 2 -> 1

HFFL: Same as Suppressor…

Light Rifle: 5 -> 4
Barbed Lance: 5 -> 4
Dying Star: 6 -> 5

HFFL: Hmm, I don’t often use the Light Rifle in Warzone, unless I happen to find one and pick it up. I tend to get my Light Rifle kills in Arena. Plaza is the best map for that, IMO. Still, this will be good for others who want to use the higher up variants of the Light Rifle.

Saw: 5 -> 4
Appetite for Destruction: 6 -> 5

HFFL: Ok, one question…why no ‘The Answer” change? Actually, I already know the answer. (Pun intended) The Answer is use quite often as the SAW of choice by players. As such, I believe 343 didn’t see the need to change the RP required for it.
I do wish they’d lower the Shotgun down as well. Same goes for the Scattershot. The even more powerful weapons like Incin Cannon, Binary, Beam likely won’t see a change. Well, at least for a little while longer. Perhaps to gain back more players, 343 will do this. I hope so, even if it’s just for a trial run. 
In fact, one thing 343 could try out is a LOW REQ required weekend. Along with the permanent ones above, they could temporarily add the other power weapons in at lower cost. That would definitely get more people to play Warzone! Well, IMO anyway.

Warzone is huge, and has many different aspects that make up the whole experience. By continuing to fine tuning certain aspects as time goes on based on telemetry and player feedback, we’re able to refine and polish the experience even further.

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