Spartan Armory Weapons Skins. A CLOSER look!

Want to see the skins you may get in the Spartan Armory pack, but in better detail? Well here ya go!!!

First though, here is the pack you want to buy to get these. Be FAIR WARNED!!! While you get 5 skins, you MAY get armor skins instead of 5 weapons skins.

Spartan Armory REQ logo

Now the skins according to rarity: 

The UNSC skins are rather nice. I actually hope we get this on all the load out weapons. It totally fits!
UNSC AR skinUNSC Magnum skin

Man do I WANT these Spirit of Fire skins! I’m partial to them of course due to my Spirit of Fire podcast. (Though it’s been far to long since I’ve done a cast…)
SoF Magnum skinSoF AR skin

ODST fans rejoice! These are some SLICK looking skins!
ODST AR skinODST Magnum skin

Osiris sound out!
Osiris Magnum skinOsiris AR skin

I’m VERY happy that 343 has paid homage to Noble team/Reach with these skins. The other markings besides Noble’s logo are that of Autie Dot, the AI of Reach. Pretty cool, IMO!
Noble AR skinNoble Magnum skin

Wow, Blue Team’s skins are just, WOW!!!
Blue Team Magnum skinBlue Team AR skin

Notably absent form the cards above are the 343 skins. They as yet do not show up on the REQ page on Halo Waypoint. If/when they do, I’ll post them here. They are of course Legendary rarity.

The below are how they look when you’ve unlocked them. Images from JohnTMorgan’s imager account.UNSC Magnum custom UNSC AR custom SoF Magnum custom SoF AR custom ODST Magnum custom ODST AR custom Osiris Magnum custom Osiris AR custom Noble Magnum custom Noble AR custom Blue Team Magnum custom Blue Team AR custom 343 Magnum custom 343 AR custom

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