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Greetings, friends of Chief. Today, we’re talking new stuff, including more Ghosts of Meridian, Warzone Turbo, and more. Let’s go!

To start, we’d like to thank those of you who have provided feedback in region-specific matchmaking threads on Waypoint as well as r/Halo. Earlier this morning, the team made a series of adjustments that should improve the experience and matchmaking speed for players who have been impacted. Hop on and let us know how it goes. Next, let’s talk about this weekend’s featured playlist: Warzone Turbo.



Warzone Turbo is available this weekend for the first time, and it’s also the first featured Warzone playlist. If you didn’t catch it this morning, we grabbed MP Designer Lawrence Metten to give us the scoop on the new hotness:

Lawrence Metten, Multiplayer Designer 

Warzone Turbo is fiesta-esque mayhem on a gigantic scale, where you are instantly placed at Level 9 as soon as your Home Base is secure, and are imbued with near-instantaneous energy regeneration. Everything is fair game as players have access to their entire REQ inventory for the full duration of the match. 

Funny enough, originally we had no plans to ever release Warzone Turbo. We created the game type at the request of our test team so that they could more efficiently test Warzone features and functionality without having to wait to level up or refill energy. Then one day we made the “mistake” of giving the mode a whirl during our afternoon studio playtest. It was incredibly chaotic and surprisingly a ton of fun to play, which inevitably led to a long and drawn out internal discussion that went something like this:   

“Should we ship this?”

“We can’t not ship this!”

After a bit of extra polish, a couple tuning tweaks, and a handful of scattered adjustments later and Warzone Turbo is ready for your enjoyment. I look forward to jumping into the playlist and joining the pandemonium with you all this weekend! 

Warzone Turbo is available now, and will be available until Monday morning, April 4th. After you’ve played, be sure to pop into thetopics/warzone-turbo-feedback-megathread/d423f320-fc16-4f54-a270-3410105960c2/posts” target=”_blank”> dedicated feedback thread and let us know what you think.

HFFL: Okay folks, you definitely need to get in on the feedback for this. Personally, I do not like Warzone Turbo. I thought I would, but nope. I figured it out early that because of REQ level 9 being opened immediately, there would be all kinds of shenanigans going on. But that isn’t the issue. Rather, the underlying issue of this being as what several of my friends called a ‘cash grab’. The feeling is that by doing this, 343 gives people a chance to use their high level REQ, with the bonus to them (343) that people will run out of those REQs and spend real $s for more REQ packs. Is this true? I just have a feeling that it is. I do not need to purchase REQ packs as I’m sitting on 300K REQ Points. But for those that just have to have more REQs by which to punish your virtual Spartan, well…343 has made it easy for you to do so and for them to make more money at the same time. Don’t fall for that folks. 
I had expected to play Turbo all weekend, but after just TWO games of it (the first was dreadful as my REQs didn’t load, so I gave it another shot), this game type variant wasn’t doing ‘it’ for me. Play at your own folly.



Ghosts of Meridian is scheduled to drop next week, and today we’re showing off more of what’s inside.

In addition to the below maps, vehicles, weapons, skins, armors, emblems, and more, Ghosts of Meridian will include a variety of game improvements based on your feedback, including multiplayer updates and fixes, sandbox, weapon, and vehicle adjustments, improvements to REQ Station UI performance, a lengthy list of Forge additions, fixes, and improvements, SWAT DMRs as well as a rebalance of SWAT game types within the playlist, and more. As always, we’ll be detailing the full patch notes as Ghosts of Meridian arrives.

Let’s start by taking a look at Tyrant, the new Arena map. Here’s some extra concept art and exclusive screenshots from the Forerunner-themed, exterior, symmetrical Arena map:



Here’s a bit about the above concept image from artist Sam Brown:

The idea is a forerunner structure has been struck by an asteroid and caught in an astroid belt. This is an establishing shot to show the exterior and establish mood and lighting. There was back and forth on the structure itself so I believe the final design is different from the concept.

Here are a few brand-new Tyrant screenshots, hot off the presses:



To hold you over until next week’s live stream, here are a few more details from the multiplayer team, as well as some new screenshots.


  • Darkstar has more of an infantry focus than other Warzone maps. Dense structures in the center of the map provide plenty of cover and alternate paths for on-foot players, and expansive areas on the map borders provide a playground for vehicles.


  • The match starts on a map overrun by enemies as Darkstar is initially under control of a Promethean Scout and his forces. Players are Pelican dropped facing the center of the map, the team who gets the Takedown will have the initial advantage.


  • Endurance-of-Will is a higher-ranked and significantly tougher Knight adversary.
  • A Promethean Soldier has hijacked a UNSC Mantis.


  • Outside each of Darkstar’s Home Bases is an interactive gate that players can open or close to impact the flow of the match.

HFFL: Condensed map? Okay, I’m game. Sometimes the action can be slow in Warzone, which is surprising considering there are 24 players in a match. SO maybe by shrinking the map size a bit, you will have more PvP engagements.
New Start? If this means we won’t be dropped into the bases at the start and rather on to the battlefield, cool!
New Legendary Bosses? YES! I’m always up for more bosses. EoW sounds tough and I like that! I just wonder if it’s going to LOOK different from the Knights we currently face in WZ. And a Promethean Soldier in a Mantis? Oh my! LOL
Interactive Gates? The more interactivity we can have with the map, the better! This adds a bit more realism into a map and should definitely have an impact on gameplay.

Here a few new screenshots for this battleground as well:



HFFL: YES! (I’ll have a complete breakdown of this later today!!)

The time has come to reveal all of the REQs that will arrive with Ghosts of Meridian. You’ve seen a few over the past few weeks, but here’s the full list:


HFFL: Heh, well, if you look at my preview of the above (that was blurred out), you’ll see I was pretty much on the mark about what all we would get.

Here’s a closer look at some of the newly revealed REQs:



HFFL: First, I LOVE the look of this set of weapon skins. Second, the NAME for the set is fantastic!





HFFL: Huh? Now that I see this, it makes me think “McDonald’s” Duh duh duh dahhh, I’m lovin’ it. LOL



HFFL: Now THIS is a kick are looking grab hammer. As Red is my favorite color, this grab hammer is an immediate fav.





HFFL: As per usual, the mid tier adds orange, while the high tier adds cyan. I like these both. Though, I would have liked to have seen the return of that one from Halo 4 that had all sorts of orange lines on it. That one was my favorite Suppressor skin for sure.

Put your money where your mouth is.


HFFL: Uhhh, okay??? 


To catch a preview of everything above and more, be sure to tune into next week’s live stream – Tuesday, April 5 at 3PM PDT on Twitch.tv/Halo and the Halo Channel. We’ll see you then!

HFFL: I will definitely be watching this. Now, will the update go live right after, the next day, or later in the week, is the question?  Regardless, as long as it’s sometime next week, I’m okay with it. I’m excited to get my hands on the new Hannibal variant vehicles. With the REQ Points I have saved up, I’ll be able to buy all of the GoM REQs in one fell swoop!



This week’s incredible community creations come in two amazing forms. First up, Grifsketball, from Vorked:


Grifsketball is a spin-off of Grifball, where players attempt to score points by throwing or dunking the ball. Similar to Grifball, Grifsketball spawns players with the Gravity Hammer and an Energy Sword. Unlike Grifball, the players jump much higher and the knockback is much stronger, while Friendly Fire is weaker. Players clashing swords and hammers will launch away from each other, allowing the ball carrier to make a break for the hoop. The ball carrier has faster movement speed and can jump higher, but anyone with a sword will be able to use their lunge to knock them out of the air. When scoring the ball, throwing it in will net the team 3 points. When dunking, you’ll gain 4 points, but have a high chance of dying in the process. You’ll see that dunking a ball into a pit of fire may be a bit dangerous. Players are able to use their Ground Pounds as an area of effect knockback tool. It allows players to clear areas of space so they can let the ball carrier through. The trade-off of this is that the Ground Pound does very little damage. You’re also able to throw your allies around with this, so be careful. It can be useful to launch your ball carrier quicker across the map, but at the cost of damaging them.

I hope you and your friends will have fun on the Grifsketball map variants, which you can find on my Bookmarks (GT: Vorked Manback) alongside the game mode. Look out for HangarBall, AbyssalBall, HoopsBall, and SpaceBall (Curtousy of DrumStepped). Remember, HangarBall and AbyssalBall can support as many players as you can throw at them!


Next up is the Mitake Machine, and all of the videos found on the GeSAU YouTube channel, originally spotted by r/Halo’s u/UnsortedGaming this morning. This Forge masterpiece is awesome, and the videos only get better. You can find this amazing creation under the gamertag toketake.

HFFL: Huh, didn’t I just report this yesterday???



This week’s clip goes to SpiTshoT one, who pulls off some nice defensive work with the Sniper Rifle on Plaza. In German.

View post on imgur.com

That’ll do for this week, friends. We’ll see you next week for the Ghosts of Meridian live stream – Tuesday at 3PM PT on Twitch.tv/Halo.

Until then,

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  1. I enjoyed the one game of turbo that the reqs worked in for me. But I agree on the Cash grab theory. It was the first thing I thought of when I learned about turbo yesterday morning. While it was fun, I will not waste my high level reqs in it. I spent one mantis and one rocket laucher. It was nice being able to start with something other that the AR and pistol.

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