Fan Made Pillar of Autumn made from Mega Bloks!

I saw this via twitter and knew I had to share this. Pics are unedited and used with permission by Dylan (and Tyler) Crossman the builder of the model. Any text added after this is his description, unless of course I use my “HFFL:” tag for it.

Hey guys i’m back with a MONSTER custom-Pillar of Autumn, this time, made out of 90% Mega bloks (10% was from the 2 big thruster I have to craft in cardboard and bucket

Pillar of Autumn was one of most well known ship in halo history and it also had one of the most important role. Back in 2014, Timmega made a poll on what signature series should they made, PoA was one of them but lost to a scarab by 100 votes and it got either 200-300 votes
Pillar of Autumn was one of the ship that I’ve been Waiting for from at least Goodwill Hunter and Carbon from Spartan bloks but since I never seen it from them, I went to give it a try
That build became the biggest, Best,harddest,most fragile, most challenging build me and Tyler (Halo Zone 24/ Zelot2468 ) ever accomplished
It took me 3 attempt to final made it (1 last year, 1 at 1 month ago and one about 3-4 weeks ago) When I made the 1st attempt, I lost interest and move on to Heavy Cruiser. 2nd time I got frustrated because it kept tipping over and crash. At my 3rd time, I decide to split to 5 parts and make it where I have to be connected by 2 clip-on pegs on sets like warthog and it WORK (Like others said:3 times the charm)


Main Pic

Front View1_zpszkocmbdi

Side View27_zpsexutrfba
HFFL: For a kid’s custom, I’d say he’s done a fantastic job here!15_zpsjbkyau7q

Top View28_zps0eqazyty

1st part
This part is very easy build to do, I could even give out tutorial but I don’t feel like it lol

Front View37_zpsnxwnnkdeHFFL: Nice bits of detail here.

2nd part
This is the 2nd most easiest part of the build, I could make 1st and second part in a day!

Interior Pic
I was planned on doing interior for 4th but I decide to just do a small pilot room in 2nd
HFFL: What I like here is that he took the time to add a small interior space for a figure. Also note Cortana! That blue panel you see is from the Mega Bloks Scarab set. Nice addition Dylan!14_zps5rhzedzp

3rd part
This is BY Far the most fragile build, it took me a long time to figure out the solution and keep it together

4th part
This part is the hardest part of the build, it took me quite awhile to make

Side View
HFFL: Great shot showing some of the inner detail between the plates of armor.2_zpsg6y5m8if17_zpsbwszpkog

5th part
The 5th part was 2nd most fragile part of the build, it took me 2 weeks to make this
The 2 giant thruster were made out of 2 clay container and cardboard wrapped around to make a appropriate size

Top View23_zpssfqdangs6_zpsp4r0slp0
HFFL: If I have any criticism, it’s here at the engine block. However, given the limited parts Dylan had to use, I think he came up with a good solution. Remember folks, this is a KID’S custom!8_zpsf80tvqwp3_zpscxqff0qk7_zpsyz8pjp4x5_zps6j4her6d

Comparison Pic
This build is 2.11 feet long and about 1.2 feet tall
With Sets27_zpsv975n8odHFFL: Quite large, huh? Man, I’d LOVE to see Mega Bloks make an official Pillar of Autumn set. It would likely be much smaller. I’m okay with that though.

With figure

Extra/Bonus Pic
This is a gallery of photos that don’t exactly have a home
HFFL: Yep, its huge!

Thanks for viewing. This is by FAR the best custom custom We’ve ever accomplished!

HFFL: To view these are over 30 more pics of Dylan’s model check out the link below (and let him know where you saw this from!

Source Link

HFFL: Oh…and if you plan on reposting this, get his permission first since you have the direct link to his pics.

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