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Hello fair folk of fiction fancy, and welcome back to our humble lair of lore. Last week, we began our celebration of the upcoming Memories of Reach content release by digging into some of the deeper lore surrounding the hallowed Halsey’s Journal, as well as pull the icy curtain back on the fictional context for the upcoming Arena multiplayer map, Stasis.

This week, we’re going to explore a bit into how a familiar Noble narrative is weaving its influence into your Halo 5: Guardians experience very soon. And for the particularly ravenous Fodder folk, we might just have a little something… extra. Read on!


As research and development on the Mjolnir powered assault armor continued to evolve, many of the suits employed before and during the fall of Reach saw continual refinement and upgrades as a part of the Ordnance Committee’s commitment to rapid spiral development. After the development and rollout of the first GEN2 Mjolnir weapon systems, battle-proven Mk. IV and Mk. V variants were eventually earmarked for reassessment at the request of veteran Spartan II and Spartan III operatives.

Now, with the Memories of Reach content update you can wear the latest, most hyper-lethal powered armor ever developed by mankind andpay homage to some of humanity’s greatest heroes, who stood firm in the face of impossible adversity. The following variants represent not only the best of humanity’s unassailable strength and resolve, but also some of the most capable and iconic suits ever worn by Spartans.



Armor: Created to save lives and not to take them, the INDOMITABLE is an engineering and explosives ordnance disposal Mjolnir variant. Its combat effectiveness is simply fortuitous.

Helmet: The INDOMINATABLE helmet is a rare sight on the battlefield, and is usually a sign the UNSC has authorized weapons of mass destruction.



Armor: Formally an upgrade of existing Mark V EVA suits, the WRATH project was actually cover to develop a new Mjolnir variant specifically tailored to the needs of future Headhunter teams.

Helmet: The Spartan branch contract for WRATH helmets was extremely precise and prescriptive regarding the pattern and method of reproduction for the death’s head engraving.



Armor: INTRUDER armor was commissioned by Spartan branch as part of a research initiative seeking to leverage synergistic outcomes between specialized Mjolnir suits.

Helmet: The INTRUDER helmet features a full-featured Command Network Module and multi-channel drone controller. The drone controller interfaces directly with Unified Ground Command (UNICOM) kill box management and aerospace deconfliction systems.



Armor: The VIGILANT was originally a one-off upgrade for an unnamed VIP within Spartan branch. Not intended for production, interest in the suit’s feature set among Spartan scout-snipers has led to several being assembled for full evaluation.

Helmet: The full extent of the VIGILANT’s surveillance and stealth capabilities remain highly classified. Observers have speculated the suit includes a new reconnaissance and fire control system for directing orbital artillery strikes.



tory, ultimately culminating in a return to his home planet of Reach. On August 14, 2552, Jorge-052 died in defense of his homeworld, manually triggering a slipspace event near the Covenant supercarrier Long Night of Solace in an effort to stem the enemy’s implacable naval strength.Modeled after “Etilka” – Jorge’s modified personal M247H Heavy Machine Gun, this Mythic Chaingun is equipped with a high-capacity magazine loaded with high-explosive ammunition. Spartans wielding this incredible powerhouse within the War Games simulations also gain boosts to movement speed and damage resistance.

 cfbruteplasma-3460d56b330d4f3bbb8f0d4853f7b828BRUTE PLASMA RIFLE

Known as the “blood-hand” by the Jiralhanae, this particular Plasma Rifle variant was originally manufactured at the Sacred Promissory assembly forges in preparation for the High Prophet of Truth’s takeover of the Covenant. Under its crimson plating, the artisan-engineers in Truth’s employ were allowed to make modifications to the rifle’s sacred design pattern specifically tailored to the aggressive nature of the Jiralhanae. These changes – which increased the weapon’s rate of fire and damage – would have been deemed heretical without a hierarch’s direct blessing – a blessing the unscrupulous San’Shyuum was more than happy to offer.

Even in the aftermath of the collapse of the Covenant empire, newly manufactured Brute Plasma Rifles continue to appear in the hands of mercenaries and raiders, though their source is unknown. All Brute Plasma Rifles are capable of unleashing a devastating fusillade of plasma bolts between emergency cooling breaks.

to its destruction as part of Operation: WHITE GLOVE.>>


HFFL: Below you will find an interesting read. I have a few thoughts on this that I’ll mention after these pages.

Halsey Journal Missing pages 1Halsey Journal Missing pages 2Halsey Journal Missing pages 3Halsey Journal Missing pages 4Halsey Journal Missing pages 5Halsey Journal Missing pages 6
HFFL: It has long been my theory that Master Chief will go back in time. Why and how? The why is somewhat simple. He’s sent back to change history so that the flood are indeed destroyed, the Forerunners vanquished and humanity lives. Now technically, this DID happen. However, the events would be changed to have a different outcome. As well, now with Halo 5’s story in play, He’d go back to somehow change A.I.s. First Forerunner, then the long in the future human A.I.s such as what Cortana was when first created.
I had thought originally that it would be he and Cortana, though this was before Halo 4 and 5 came out.
I really wasn’t so sure though that 343 would be gutsy enough to do time-travel. Now it looks like this isn’t just a chance, but a distinct possibility. So HOW? Well, from these pages we know that Halsey knows time travel exists. She then needs to figure out how to make it work. With her intellect, it’s VERY foreseeable that she will discover that. Now, will she go back in time too? I would say, yes. If she can take John (and possible Blue Team) to the time of the Forerunner/Human war or even earlier, she may then be able to snatch the Mantle away from the Forerunners, thus cementing humanity’s rule of the galaxy. Not to mention, now know the danger that A.I.s pose, created may likely be outlawed.
This would make for an amazing campaign! She would be the handler so to speak, while we players would be Blue team (and ONLY Blue team, no Osiris this time).
Perhaps we meet an early version of Guilty Spark?
The thing about this though is that gone would be the UNSC’s weapons and vehicles, with exception to whatever Blue Team/Halsey would bring with them, which wouldn’t be much…unless they cam bring Infinity with it….ooooohhhhhh.
What this could mean to though, and with great appeal for me, is many NEW weapons and ships. If they are brought into the time of Forerunners/Reclaimers then we’d have that humanity’s arsenal to use! SO MUCH POTENTIAL there! I’m excited just thinking about it!
There is a kink in this though. What of that probe? Okay, here’s a line of thought on that. The probe goes unnoticed by the Forerunners and makes it’s way to the Mantle. It either becomes part ofd the Mantle OR integrates with Mendicant Bias and takes it over. This would explain in part the treachery and traitorous nature of MB.
So part of the Halo 6 campaign would be to retrieve or destroy the probe. Once they find that it’s become part of the Mantle or Mendicant Bias, they know it must be destroyed. The thing is, by destroying it, they would alter history. If it’s destroyed BEFORE it can turn on Forerunners, then the Forerunners would have notice of the Flood and be better prepared to defeat them. As well…Since humans would be the ones to help them, this could CHANGE or END the war with humanity. Making them work TOGETHER. This may lead to a sharing of the mantle or at least peace in the galaxy. THAT would be a story I’d LOVE to play in!!!
to shout out to some awesome members of the 405th who came out strong for last weekend’s Pacific Coast Championships hosted by Pro Battle League. Among the 26th century cosplayers were Rubyyyyyy, Roxas1337, weepun, SnipeJAG94, Siren 227, RenrakuX, L05T V1K1N6, and avid Fodder-fan Kinkyopoka. Their combined efforts created a fantastic presence that was felt not only at the tournament itself – which was shoutcasted by DJBlue PDXand 343’s own GH057ayame – but all throughout Seattle’s University Village.It was a pleasure to see them representing our beloved universe well, and to meet the heroes behind the helmets. Be sure to add these stalwart Spartans to your Xbox Live Friends List and thank them for their service!

Emile-A239 was a Spartan-III super-soldier serving with Noble Team. He was killed in action during the closing days of the fall of Reach.

Jorge-052 was part of the SPARTAN-II project and eventually served as the heavy weapons specialist on Noble Team.

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4 thoughts on “Canon Fodder: Noble Intentions

  1. Time travel in Halo? It’s possible I guess. There was some time meddling in Halo: First Strike if I recall correctly.

    Going back to the Human-Forerunner War would be interesting but I worry about the reception to it. I’m sure a significant part of the player base are not interested or do not know much about Halo’s story outside the games. For example, in Halo 4, there was criticism about how the story was confusing for some.

    But your theory sounds pretty good! It would be cool to see a joint UNSC-Swords of Sanghelios battle group going back in time. Your ending, though, doesn’t seem plausible since if there’s peace, there will be no more Halo games and we all know Microsoft wants to make many more of them.

    • Time travel isn’t just possible, it’s probable, when it comes to sci-fi. This is a game after all so it doesn’t have to be steep in reality. Who’s to say this would take place though in one game. Yes, I mentioned Halo 6. However, this would be a much longer story arch than that. Unless 343 were to bring in a much bigger baddy, then the current timeline isn’t so great for years more of story telling.
      Cortona and her created could cause major havoc, yes and that could be a couple of games, but I think people would get bored of that.
      There is a very specific reason for me why this would get boring. Halo 4 and 5 had us fighting both the Covenant and Prometheans. Fighting Covies is always fun, but Prometheans (for all intents and purposes) are robots or at least cybernetic in nature. There isn’t a feeling of loss and vanquishment when there is an endless supply of Prometheans. At least with the Covies, we had emotions. Elites, Brutes and Grunts gave us some of the most funny lines in the franchise. There is virtually none of that with Prometheans. I even wonder how and why some have names and ranks? That’s a bit ridiculous to me.
      So going back in time where we would be battling living beings again brings much more to the table.
      Let me give you another example. Star Wars. In the original trilogy, rebels fought Imperials. Blood vs Blood. Yet, in the prequels, it was clones vs robots. There was only a little feeling of loss for the clones and none at all for the robots. Those wars had less human feeling to them. This is important if story tellers want readers/players/viewers to be emotionally involved for the characters, be they good or bad.

      • I’m not for or against time-travel. It would be interesting at the very least.

        We don’t know what 343i’s plan for Halo is so Halo’s future is up in the air. I’m not sure how long they could extend the Human-Forerunner arc (probably 3 games?). Time manipulation has been in Halo in a couple books but that doesn’t mean it will happen in the games. I myself don’t know what path I would take the franchise so don’t think I just want to continue the Reclaimer Saga fighting the Covenant and Prometheans.

        As for fighting living beings, you mean that the player will be fighting Forerunners? I’m not sure how different it will be. While there would be different classes, I don’t think their behavior will be like the Covenant. The Forerunners always struck me as composed and whatnot so I don’t think they will show much emotion (correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t read all the books).

  2. I think you are right on that Sal. It doesn’t feel the same fighting Prometheans because they just seem like endless robots. I feel like it could have had more of an impact if handled right, but they seem to have dropped and forgotten the composed humans being turned into Knights (and I believe the books mentioned the Didact’s Prometheans being composed into Knights before he entered his cryptum). I feel like there was afair amount of potential there that was missed.

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